Many people might wonder, is there any way a small bathroom can be renovated into something of a trend design. For all those people, we would like to talk some more about bathrooms ideas small which comes with lighting element in Singapore.

One of the challenging aspects of talking about bathrooms ideas small, the space is quite compact hence few options are readily available for the constructor to work on.

Let’s learn about some of the high-rated bathroom ideas small which are accompanied by lighting in Singapore.

Light mirrors

All you need to avail light mirrors which we want to add as top of the list for bathroom ideas small is a small wall.

No matter how small a bathroom is, it should have a wall located in it. You can apply the mirror over the wall which could be of ordinary make.

The magic comes with the lighting applied at the top or surrounds the mirror, producing a serene feel in your bathroom.

Tape lights

Every bathroom needs lighting, but why not make the lights revitalize its overall design. One of the benefits of having bathrooms ideas small is that its ceiling is compact. Adding tab lights over the corner of the ceiling help boost the design element.

The light could come in different shapes and luminosity, or the light might even apply at different sections, depending on the requirement of people.

Ceiling lights

No matter how much a person searches about the ceiling lights for bathrooms ideas small, there would be around a million or even more different design ideas.

The ceiling lights are a must-have feature for bathrooms ideas small. Not the thing that makes a bathroom prominent is different types of light to situate over your bathroom.

Either choosing a standard one with different shades or a might applied with abnormal shape includes into the overall design over your bathroom.

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Traditional lighting

Have you ever seen a bathroom made in the mid 18 century, because by then bathrooms were not made properly?

Although the traditional lighting which comes to its structure with artistic nature helps in adding more beautification of the bathroom.

Crystal lights

Many people might argue, crystals are more suited in your home corridor or your guest room. Although there are small-sized crystal lights which look quite pretty.

Having them as one of the bathrooms ideas small, there are different types of crystals to choose from with small effects of lighting to be applied all over the surrounding bathroom walls.


Attaching small-sized chandeliers makes your bathroom look spectacular. People who avail of this feat are living in the current time and age.

As we have included above, a small-sized chandelier works well for bathrooms ideas small. Even if your bathroom has a shower, the chandelier makes it all worth your while.

19th-century lantern

The old-shaped lantern that people might have seen in old movies situated over the outside of doors seems to strike as out of the box thinking if nothing else.

Because the space for a small bathroom is quite limited, having lights to your advantage makes all the difference for your selected bathrooms ideas small.

Candle sconces

Sconces are an artistic wall-mounted light that comes in various sizes and shapes to add effect to the interior design.

Having said that, candle sconces are candlestick shape light which can be applied over the walls as your bathrooms ideas small.

The role of these candles is to offer a small light flickering over the wall which looks quite dashing for your small bathroom.

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Cottage lighting

Round-shaped ceiling lights with a single round bulb are usually referred to as cottage lighting. It a good source of design as bathrooms ideas small for people with small spaced bathrooms.

Talking about different shapes and sizes of cottage lighting, there are numerous and thanks to an advanced breakthrough in lights, people can also add various types of light shapes unlike an old fluorescent bulb like the old days.

Geometric lamps shades

A lamp when made with fabricated and well workmanship is something to behold for bathrooms ideas small.

Similarly, a geometric lampshade is a holder to hold a bulb with nominal luminosity light, but the magic behind the bathroom’s artistic work holds under the style of the lamp holder.

Want to renovation your home through bathrooms ideas small options in Singapore?

There are a lot more bathrooms ideas small people can have for their small spaced bathroom. If you are looking for a professional company to work for your landed property in Singapore, simply contact Adex Renovation which provides a solid service of renovation and contractor work.

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