TV walls designing provides a sleek look over your TV lounge and it’s admired by both the house owner as well as guests visiting your home.

There are a great number of TV walls decorating ideas which people can avail into their home.

For the same reason, we have listed down 10 decorating ideas for our readers and how different styles of TV walls could bring rejuvenation into your home.

Wood Panel backdrop

A wall mount TV is the most common state for your TV lounge, although using a solid color concrete wall makes it look dull over the years.

With the help of a wood panel backdrop, your wall will shed a different feel when watching TV during long hours.

Your TV can also be mounted over the Wood Panel or use a TV case situated in front of the TV wall. Both ways pave a good sense of design and add an unlimited amount of features when selecting the species and types of hardwood panels for a backdrop.

Runs behind bookshelf

TV walls look even more dashing when it follows with a bookshelf from behind. Either using over a bookshelf or with a close framed one using a glass gate, both look to your taste.

The thing about Books using space next to the TV helps people to get a relaxing time in their lounge either by watching TV or reading book on the same couch.

Slim storage for consoles

The TV most probably comes with many entertainment devices such as HD boxes, consoles, or DVD players to mention a few.

If all of these devices appear to be placed in haphazard areas, the overall beauty of your lounge gets distorted.

The best way to have storage as well as not over-apply space, simply to use a slim storage area as a decoration for TV walls.

Backlit over woodgrain

Let’s talk about some of the trendy decoration TV walls in Singapore that not just makes the entire room attractive but also add a luxury element to your home. This is possible through backlit over wood panel.

Simply by applying a large panel made from hardwood in padding from the wall where a backlit light emits from the wood panel which surrounds the TV from all directions.

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Uninterrupted wall space

When the color and shape of your wall and floor become unison, It paves a way for uninterrupted wall space decoration ideas for TV walls.

The best thing about uninterrupted wall space for TV walls designs is that it makes the room look tidy and clean with minimalist elements in place.

People who prefer few things over their appliances should avail this idea into their TV walls.

Motivational posters

There’s a mysterious strength to add a motivational poster as artwork over your home. It may be messages written in well-designed calligraphy or made in simple words, it adds quite well to your TV wall decoration.

The place where these motivational posters are applied should be at the top of the area of focus so that when watching TV, it doesn’t distract people every time.

Marble effects

When you simply want to make your TV walls look simple follow the current trend, marble effects help make TV look great.

As there are many forms and types of marble options that people can choose from, hence using this decoration idea for TV walls can be reinstalled every once in a while to add a sense of exploring different design elements.


When two different materials get combines together it forms a contrast, which is a sole of decoration in TV walls.

To do this, either we can use two different wallpaper attached at the back of the TV or situate through two different fuses of the wood wall that is of different species.

Contracting your TV walls helps adds simplicity while bringing an element of the illusion of more space over your room.

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Plant stand

TV and plants are more connected than you ever imagine. The plants are usually placed next to the corner of the room, but if your room is small, you can add these plants taking more volume in your TV lounge.

To have a more attractive element for the TV walls idea, we can add sections behind the wall with backlit and place plants inside these, to provide a more futurist view to the decoration element.

Asymmetric geometric panels

Panels when different length and size are combined, they form an asymmetric geometry. This can be possible by adding panels with asymmetric cuts.

As TV walls decoration ideas, it poses a unique design which helps the viewer to feel more up to the trend when talking about the initiative for interior design.

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