Your TV lounge should a place of enjoyment, most importantly that it includes a large TV set for your family member to enjoy. For the same reason, we have listed down the best modern TV wall design ideas.

The main reason for writing this article is to show various types of ideas which people can notice for their TV lounge and decorate the TV wall with modern that helps makes the room more entertaining.


As the name suggests, monochrome is the color associated with black and white. That’s why old TV sets are known to be monochrome color.

With the different options for TV wall, monochrome is not just common but also widely used for interior designing for your TV lounge.

The TV placements, especially over the wall should be appealing yet modern, which can only be possible if it’s sleek and has a color with a simplistic approach.

Wood laminated wall

A wall no matter how large the size is, the wood could come into the effect. As there are different types of wood species available in the market, the use of laminate is something to choose from.

The wood not only offers a lot of options for people to select as modern TV wall design ideas, but with the help of lighting, it looks pretty sleek.

The size of the wood panel depends on the size of the room, it also helps in making the room well-received by people. Secondly, the wood can be used as furniture to place things over the place.

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Compact design

As we were mentioning above, wood laminate TV wall works for both large and small space, although when dealing with compact design, it only meant as limited size over the wall.

Usually, people apply wallpaper over the walls, but over the modern TV wall design ideas, they attach different forms of material as well as lighting over the structure.

With wall-mounted TV being used in almost every household, the TV design with compact design is most suitable for small homes, such as HDB, condo, or small apartment.

Aqua blue design

White color is something people have been seeing countless times as TV wall design. But what about aqua blue?

This color speaks louder in terms of modern TV wall design ideas, as it offers a unique element of selection with color.

Either that, a TV can be mounted over an aqua blue colored wall with furniture also with complimenting color to add more appeal into the people’s selection.

Minimal and sleek

There’s a major difference between minimal and compact design, the minimal means it uses less material for the work of TV wall and not depending on the overall TV placement.

On the other hand, the compact design doesn’t have any cap over the cost of the work, just their area is limited.

Usually, no light is used over this form of modern TV wall design ideas, and only a single color wall is applied behind the TV to offer sleek artwork without a huge investment.


When the wall offers a shine over its structure, this is possible through applying a glossy selection for modern TV wall design ideas.

Most of the glossy shine is possible through applying polished marble which offers a reflective element over its structure.

By applying light over the glossy TV wall, the limelight reflection presents even better serenity over the people watching TV and enjoying their past time.

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Any color which looks like sand can be used behind the TV wall as modern TV wall design ideas.

Not just color, but applying natural elements such as stones made from sand present a luxurious yet modern look over the viewer.

There’s the main reason for using sand color over the wall of the TV because sand color offers clear headed element over the room.

Are you Interested to learn more TV wall design ideas for your TV lounge?

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