Children’s bathroom home design is important more than just aesthetics but for functional aspects as well.

To help understand this notion towards our readers, we have listed the top 10 bathroom home design in Singapore along with details about how it will assist children to use the bathroom without much trouble.

Double vanity

Children should be taught to share from an early age. One way to do that is through creating dual vanity along with facets so that one bathroom can be used for more children.

This is also effective in terms of function as dual vanity attached within a single water source so they can use it without spending a lot of water.

More hooks

The role of hooks is to hang clothes, but one or two might be psychologically damaging for children if they found more clothes hanged and they are wind up handing clothes at top of others while clothes keep on falling off.

The functionality and usage aspect must be kept paramount when dealing with bathroom renovation for children, and one way to do it is by using more hooks.

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Step stool a must

A step stool for using a basin that is at a certain height works as an extension without investment.

This is important because it has been observed that many children find some difficulty while washing their hands. The bathroom home design must ensure that to teach children to clean their hands, they can reach toward basin without any trouble whatsoever.

Shelving with no doors

The shelf located in a children’s bathroom must be open for them. This is a good bathroom home design that assists children to reach things inside the shelves directly.

Opening doors of a shelf takes space and it might even hurt children as there are sharp edges next to opened doors.

Another important benefit of using shelves without door is that after some time shelf door become non-functional anyway, hence it helps saves some money.

Basket with storage

The role of the basket is to store laundry or even clean towels. Children should be taught to place things in their specific areas so that they are more organized with their things.

The role of basic for bathroom home design is essential as children need a lot of storage areas because not having a proper storage place means more mess and more work for you.

Towel rack with accessibility

Many towel rack in a bathroom are either located at a certain height or is a large handle used to hang large towel only.

For children’s bathroom renovation, it’s essential to attach a small towel rack that is easily accessible by kids with small heights.

Mirror with pivoted angle

Let’s face it, children are growing up over time hence your bathroom vanities must be highly adaptable.

One effective children’s bathroom home design is to have a mirror with pivoted angle. The angle can be customized through a proper angle where your kid can see themselves without any trouble. Hence a fixed mirror, in this case, is not preferred.

Creativity with Wall 

Let’s talk something about another thing than accessibility, and more towards imagination building. Similar to room design, children’s bathroom renovation can also include color, design, and creative elements into the wall.

The artwork could be either educational or creative, might be of a favorite cartoon character for your kid, or with color that promotes serenity.

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Curtain with colors

Sometimes when the bathroom has a bathtub with a larger area, the use of a curtain is effective in this matter.

Colors should be incorporate with the curtain as it promotes innovation into the mind of children which is highly effective for the long term.

Countertop with noticeable colors

The countertop color should be noticeable among other colors within the bathroom home design. The children pick these colors in better terms, such as a light blue or green countertop while the entire bathroom color is white.

Want more children’s bathroom home design ideas from an expert in Singapore?

The children’s bathroom home design should be built with care and keeping safety under consideration. If you are looking for some expert consultation along with construction for bathroom home design and renovation in Singapore, simply contact Adex Renovation which is providing a solution for construction and renovation for several years.

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