There are some trendy design for bathroom in Singapore which is worthy for highlight. This blog aims to showcase the top 10 designs used for the bathroom which help our readers to understand what interior designers are working up in today’s times.

Mid-century vanities

Anything that comes with the keyword mid-century clearly indicates a wooden structure. When it goes with the design for the bathroom, the wooden work can be used for vanities and storage cabinets.

This idea makes your bathroom bring back the old school era which a touch of modernization through fixtures used over the vanity.

The client can choose the type of wood material as well as a shade that goes with the overall vanity to enhance the traditional look and feel for your bathroom.

Natural texture

The bathroom which is not just appealing but makes the use of their space to its maximum helps customer appreciate their time in the bathroom more.

The rule that most designers adopt while choosing the design for bathroom is to admire the material with color.

The bathroom color should be calming while the material used over the vanity, cabinets, and mirror must complement the calming color inside the bathroom even more.

Color pop

A bathroom sometimes goes with a depth of colors. This use of design for bathrooms is quite trendy in recent times.

Color used over the bathroom could be either simple, dark, or textured based. One way is certain when choosing this type of trend for bathrooms, the color of the wall and floor is different.

Marble work along with tiles goes quite well in this case as color pop must be both natural it looks while functional as being waterproof to secure the structure of the bathroom as most.

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Classic charm

The color along with the material is what makes the designer experiment with the design for bathroom. For classic charm trends, the bathroom adopts the use of wood as well as a polishing feel over the floor.

Overall attributes inside the bathroom that acclaims charming element must avail definite tone in brown or grey color.

The soothing cream color also helps the customer to relax and enjoy their time spent inside the bathroom. The use of a rug can also increase the overall texture of the bathroom even more.

Soaker tub

A soaker tub is an uncommon structure like a bathtub but quite smaller in size. The design element for the soaker is made in such a way that person inside can also relaxed when taking a bath.

Furnishing to achieve design for bathroom is crucial where soaker are under consideration. A small bathroom can really avail this trend as their selective design for bathrooms.

Gold and grey

Like any other room in the house, the use of gold, and grey is started to become the new normal in interior designing.

The texture produced through this combination has become a new discovery which is started to turn into a popular theme.

When selecting the color combination as a design for bathroom, the wall color must be kept dark grey while using vanities and fixtures color as a touch of gold or yellow to create an outstanding combination that is both intelligent and soothing.


As long as interior designers are living and breathing into this world, the use of floral will remain a household name regarding design for bathroom. The floral size and color combination can differ although it’s commonly placed over the walls and ceiling.

Greek type

The Greek pattern design has no other name to call it with. This design pattern can be applied as your design for bathroom in the form of wallpaper. For a bathroom with limited space, it makes a remarkable touch without investing a lot of money into it.

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Swirls art

When talking about artwork over the walls, there are a lot of options to go with. One of such is swirls art which is neutral-looking swirls at best making the customer appreciable over another decor in the bathroom.

Striking contrast

The bold design is always dark and dashing. Design for bathroom which prefers with more futuristic approach with a hint of luxury, the use of dark and striking contrast looks quite cool.

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