Your wall should be decorated properly at the adjacent of TV since it’s an important place to spend some quality time alone or with family. For the same reason, we have listed down some of the modern decoration TV walls for your home.

Most of the design ideas for TV wall is applicable for both small or large house so that people could avail the change effect in their home through interior designer’s eye.

Incorporating speakers 

Your TV walls most probably have only hangers for mounting your large LCD TV with no spaces for a speaker.

If you need to make your living room more effective as a home theater look and feel, especially during the post-COVID area, you need to incorporate speakers.

With our first decoration TV walls idea, the speaker can come either applied at the surrounding areas or at the front of the TV to give you a more entertainment package with awesome effects for sound.

Tea light holders with candles

We understand that lighting around your TV walls will something you want to keep upgrading to have that new and improve feel now and then.

One such idea for decoration TV walls that can be incorporated without much investment is through tea light holders with a candle.

The candle can be electronic so you don’t have to bring fireworks every time you are looking to enjoy relaxing TV. Here the role of candle lights is because the light emitting from the candle source is quite warm and doesn’t distract us from watching TV in a relaxed manner.

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Crisp edge

Creating a new wall out of the ordinary one might present an unusual challenge in uneven edges.

While that’s something that can be handled by a professional interior designer looking to provide amazing work regarding decoration TV walls with crisp edges.

The thing about crispy edges is that it consists of light located at the edge of the TV, which offer a futuristic presentation of the TV wall in the first place.


There a lot to work on for decoration TV walls when opting with futuristic selection. The sleek design is a combination of many things, such as art, technology, color, comfort, and materials.

Discussing in greater with the color element the futuristic idea for TV wall goes beyond the element of color as glass work is also much appreciated in overall work.

As the job of interior designer is to provide out of the box solution for people looking for engaging ideas, the futuristic is all more growing idea which changes quite frequently like anything else.

Unique planters

There’s not enough evidence with plants work to be included as decoration TV walls in these troubled times like anything else.

A plant of small size is placed around and under for TV wall offers a great view for the overall wall.

The plants work as a detoxing agent which keeps us closer to nature while we enjoy watching science fiction movies from the comfort of our couch.

Fireplace effects

The real fireplace and decoration TV walls don’t go well in this time and age where many people are living in multi-storied apartments.

That’s being said, the technological aspect of our society has given us a chance to feel how a fireplace looks like through LED-based software.

Although being one of such TV wall ideas, the fireplace is already being implemented as a decorative wall, hence it’s not diminishing anytime sooner.

Artworks decor

Artworks come in large frames which can be placed all over your TV walls. This is a design element that has been going on for several years as decoration TV walls.

There’s no much into the artwork selection from the interior designer perspective although with the choice of homeowner and their selection of choices. The artwork could be anything from the picture, to calligraphic elements such as motivational quotes.

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Minimalist design

When people want to make their TV walls look prominent, using lesser things for decoration works great as well. This is a more common practice when decoration TV walls through minimalist design.

In these designs, very few things are added while the color selection is also something of the standard one.

Modern accent

The accent is something that is displayed in contrast. For decoration TV walls, a modern accent works well when the wall is applied as a customized panel.

The panel can be made through either part of the wall or an additional element that adds extra margin into the TV for viewers to enjoy a wide view of the panel along with entertainment converging at the center through your TV set.

Are you interested to learn more about decoration TV walls from an expert?

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