One thing about HDB homes is that the space is quite limited. And when we have limited space, out-of-the-box thinking is necessary to ensure that interior design is taken care of. This enabled us to create some solutions for TV walls ideas for HDB in Singapore.

Modern and Stylish

The modern design is something you can consider for your TV walls ideas in HDB homes. The thing about modern and stylish walls is that it uses marble and of different qualities.

Along with the marble, the stain lines could brighten up the overall articulation of the TV walls design for your home.

Wooden with cozy looks

When you need a close to nature look for your Television placement, going with wooden is not a bad idea.

All you need to do is apply a laminated wooden panel over the back of your TV. Not just that but TV and surrounding cabinets can also be made with wood.

Inside a concrete house, wood seems to suit quite well and above all, makes people more down to earth because that’s what humans like.

Paneling in woods

Extending the Television placement included with wood goes beyond just making materials out of the wood around the TV.

Thanks to the technology, the panels made from wood are a combination of different wooden species whose main goal is to offer astounding art behind the TV walls for the better.

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Shutter works

Have you ever visited a cinema in your 20s? They have this curtain that reveals the screen at the start of the movie and closes off when the movie is ended.

Similarly, being one of the current TV walls ideas, the TV can too be concealed in a section of the wall, which can be revealed with the help of shutters.

Either you can control it with a push of a button, or using an aluminum railing, the shutter TV wall makes your room more customized and plays a two in one purpose especially for small-sized homes.


Nothing can beat the minimalist design for the TV walls ideas. The thing about minimal settings includes nothing more than a wall made from something out of the ordinary, like marble or wood without any fancy lights or out-of-the-box solutions.

People who just want to enjoy a relaxing time watching the TV will admire more the simplicity of their TV walls ideas rather than a complex-looking artwork. At the end of the day, it’s all about people’s tastes.

Warm lights

Since we are discussing TV walls ideas, there’s no perfection possible without using warm lights over and around the TV walls.

The lights can be used either over the ceiling or around the walls to compliment the panel where light is situated.

Either that or using spotlights of low intensity can also work in great strength since TV walls ideas are all about doing new and improved things.

Accent wall

A simple wall when contrasted with patterns can come as your selected TV walls ideas. The walls should be just different from ordinary walls at your home.

For this, you can either use wallpaper or paint work depending on your liking and availability of the services. Cost can also come with a definite factor.

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There are few colors for TV walls ideas when it’s applied to make your wall looks luxurious. Those colors are gold and black.

In most cases, the TV itself is black as LCD mounted over your walls gets to blend in with the pick black walls.

Hence the design such as a gold pattern makes the overall wall looks gorgeous for people watching the TV.

Dark and gorgeous

As explained above, the TV walls ideas with a dark color are generally gorgeous although it doesn’t only have to be black.

Color could be of dark hue and shades of low-intensity colors. On the other hand, the bright color could provide you with a sense of happiness.

Bright and white

The light color TV walls ideas are excellent if you prefer things clear and clean. White color makes a home look clean and above all improves your personality towards grim to more joyful.

Less is good

Similar to minimalist TV walls ideas, the less design has nothing more unique than a TV mounted over the wall. This has remained and will always remain a TV wall’s ideas ranked among the tops.

Curved is better

The wall when continued with a curved manner and beside it, LCD TV is mounted over it, it gets you a bit of a pleasant feeling. That’s where curved TV walls ideas come into reality.

Want to try adopting some stylish TV walls ideas for your home in Singapore?

There is countless TV wall ideas you can implement at your HDB in Singapore.

If you are looking for some new taste for your TV walls in Singapore, simply contact Adex Renovation which offers full-fledged solutions in the domain of landed renovation in Singapore.

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