Most people who see the work interior design room ideas usually skip it entirely because they own a small home.

Well, this is what’s regarded as the beauty of imagination, it can fit on anything, even a box. Small size room, no matter its a condo, HDB, or one-room apartment, should definitely be decorated so that homeowners feel the joy of living in their home like no other.

We have listed some of the top interior design room ideas for small homes which helps you to open up your horizon in choosing a design most suited for your liking.

Reflective material

There is some material that has a reflective feature that tends to shine a light when it strikes over it.

When it’s applied over your room, what it does helps make your room look a bit large. There are also several interior design room ideas that can be applied through reflective material.

This is best suited for the kitchen and bathroom, as most light can be found in this room, while it’s also quite smaller when compared to other rooms.

Include pocket doors

There are two types of doors, a door that swings open, and then there’s a sliding door. The sliding door is also known as a pocket door as it can be open through sliding.

These doors are effective if the area is small and you want to include a door in a room. In most micro rooms, you might find a pocket door as a common door choice.

We can even apply the pocket door in such a way that the slider door hides inside a compartment when it’s completely closed.


The most important concept for applying interior design room ideas in a small room is not to go and buy added things for your room.

Whatever you currently have, manage that in your room. Also, the placement of things is also quite important in this case.

Reduce dining table

There are various sizes of dining tables you can select for your dining room. Obviously, for small rooms, you should first reduce your dining table.

It’s recommended to have a round table that is of reduced size so that all chairs can slide inside the table while no space is left unused.

Day bed

Day beds or foldout beds really save space in your room like no furniture in the market. It works as a couch in the day and bed during nighttime.

If you want to make a multipurpose room, getting a day bed is the best option. It can also use as a bed if you have guests in your home.

Mount your TV

Always remember that to safe space, mount your TV on the wall. Since the other option, you can opt for is to get a table for your TV which is regarded as space wasted in today’s modern time when there’s LCD screen available quite cost-effectively.

Use multipurpose piece

Furniture can come in handy on more than one occasion. Whether you can utilize your furniture as a sitting couch or transform it into a bed, all of which add you various uses entitled as multi-use.

If people are more and rooms are less, multi-purpose pieces are the best bet that works as interior design room ideas as well as on a functionality basis.

Take advantage of your architecture

The room that you might be living in could not like you wanted, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with your imagination.

Start off with the main areas and then unto the corners. Make sure to play the placement in an accurate manner and take full advantage of your architecture.

Use mirrors

Walls can help you make your room look beautiful, but mirrors help your room look bigger. Try to apply a mirror as much as possible so that light can reflect all over your walls and play its part to appear the room bigger than normal.

Keep it neutral

When it comes to which color contract should we go with when opting for the best interior design room ideas, the best option is always simple.

Neutral color in which white and gray leads the color combination is best suited for a small room in many aspects, although a hint of color can be added but for furniture fabric.

Closet conversion

If you have a closet, make sure to utilize it as much as possible. The extra things you have could be used inside the empty compartment inside your various furniture. But the closet works as a separate place that can be used for various things.

One way for using the closet is as a laundry area, where you can place your washing machine. It can also help you to place the clothes that you don’t use as a day-to-day wearable.

Create zones

Now let’s talk a bit about how interior design room ideas can help you to designate various rooms as your zone to meditation.

Simply add the furniture along with the color contract that you prefer and you got yourself a room through which you can enter into your zone.

Buy wall desk

Like the wall TV, we can also add wall-mounted furniture which helps us to remove legs and utilize the place under our furniture.

The desk seems to be the best choice in our interior design room ideas that can be mounted over the wall. It can be used for study purposes or as a standard desk. Some desks can be found as well to use only when we needed.

Use bigger furniture

If the room is small, you might think that choosing small size furniture is the right option for this floorplan?

When if we go in the eyes of interior designers, they will advise selecting big furniture because it makes your room fulfilled.

Think vertical

Adding things vertical than horizontal for small rooms is a common sense which works in all spheres for people looking to add clarity in their interior design element.

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