There are many ideas for interior design which people could go for, although if you are looking for a more personalized search in today’s modern times, we advise you to go through the best ideas for interior design for modern rooms.

For that same reason, we have listed down the 6 most popular ideas for interior design which go well with the home of any kind, whether it’s large or small.


The word Scandinavian comes to the region located in Europe which combines three countries in their historic, cultural and linguistic ties. These countries include Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

With the culture that dated back to mid 14th century, the Scandinavian design used for decoration purposes has been regarded as one of the most used ideas.

When talking about modern Scandinavian interior design, we can find a minimalist approach with wooden furniture and dimmer lights with overall relaxed scenes.

3D illustration

Rugs in a room lighten up things like none other. Although we can simply select different types of designs for our rug selection when opting for modern interior design.

One of such kinds is a 3D illustration which is a rug but has an optical illusion-based design feature.

This unique rug can be placed near the fireplace or between your sofa set so that it can appreciate the overall design of your room and make it look more modern.

Multi-colored rug

Talking about rugs, other options should be tried and tested in your room to make it more modern.

One such rug which we want to shed some light on is the multi-colored rug. It’s simple in design yet makes your room look quite fascinating.

The best point about rugs in aspect is the color they shed over your room, as it overrides the color of your floor, if it’s applied throughout the room, the final design is quite breathtaking.

Swingarm wall lamp

Let’s give some thought to your wall as well, since you are improving the overall design to a modern outlook.

The first step that is worth it when it comes to the wall is to take care of a prop that is more artistic to look at, yet has some feature engraved into it.

That being said, a swing arm wall lamp is regarded as one of the best ideas for interior design that works well in a lounge or drawing-room.

Modern bookshelf

The places where you keep books shouldn’t be taken for granted. In simple words, you can try recreating your bookshelf to look more modern in the first place.

One way to do it is through designing it more minimalistic, yet it emits a sign of completeness which is what makes modern design worth transforming to its best levels.

When you are going with transforming the bookshelf as per your requirement, make sure the palette selection is given its due understanding because walls and floor color work well with the material used in the bookshelf.

Scattering pot plants

The home should have effects of both modern and naturalist looks. When we say natural, it includes things we find outside of our home.

Let’s start with plants, and how is important to include them as one of many ideas for interior design.

Plants should find their place properly with adequate placement. One such is the corridor and balcony.

Greenery can also be of much importance when it’s used in pots and placed in various places across your room, especially the drawing-room.

What makes an interior design regarded as modern?

Most people don’t get the notion of making a room modern from ordinary ideas for interior design.

There are various points that one needs to understand before one can call an interior design modern.

Some of these features include a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural material, and light additions.

Want to implement top rated ideas for interior design in Singapore

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