People usually invest a lot in designing residential bathrooms but there’s not much emphasis on commercial washrooms. For the same reason, we have provided some top-rated commercial washroom ideas for small spaces in Singapore for our readers.

Below are some note-worthy commercial washroom ideas that will help our readers to learn and apply some amazing concepts in their bathroom located at the office.


As the name suggests, monochrome design for commercial washroom ideas means the color used is nothing but white and black.

Since commercial bathrooms should offer professional looks, if the owner wishes to keep this theme carried towards their washroom interior design, availing such style is surely great.

Inside monochrome design, the bathroom fixes are all complementing the commercial washroom ideas such as a white-colored fixture in a darkish-looking bathroom.

Bistro inspired

The bistro is a household name for small and inexpensive restaurants. Since we are providing insight on the best commercial washroom ideas for small spaces in Singapore, the office administrator could avail bistro-inspired bathrooms for a change.

The design for the bathroom in bistro-inspired is filled with lighting that’s warm or well placed all over the washroom.

Besides the fixtures are in parallel so that people that use the bathroom find the place less restrictive and above all refreshing.

Best examples for rustic design bath in Singapore

Light on walls

The wall of the commercial washroom shouldn’t be dull. If you need your employee to feel motivated from their office interior, you need to think out of the box.

If that’s the case, availing the commercial washroom ideas such as light on walls is a good pick. Here the lights are applied all over the walls next to fixtures for the bathroom.

Lights should be in such a manner that it reflects from the ceiling and placements is easy on the eye. A professional interior designer could greatly assist you in this regard.

White color everywhere

Let’s go one step ahead of monochrome, and that’s using white color. We understand that painting your commercial washroom with black color is simply not preferred.

There’s lighting and white color, which offers a sense of cleanliness and for the commercial sector, luxury.

White color for bathroom means using lighting of white color which adds a relaxing element in the eye and helps you to enjoy your time spend inside the commercial washroom.

Use plants

Plants placements in the commercial washroom are a good practice. It should be either a vase-based plant or proper plants growing in a perfected manner.

Since we providing amazing commercial washroom ideas, plants are better used when it’s near a sink or basin.

Using inside toiletries is a bit excessive although if you are looking for something different for a change, just go for it since going green is always helpful.

Mirror complimented with warm lights

The lighting can be placed anywhere, although if you are looking to make lights warmer to look at, use it behind your mirror.

White-colored lights can either be placed next to a mirror behind a wooden panel so that light doesn’t strike directly over you, but is applied over the surface in a reflected manner.

Wooden ceiling

When discussing various commercial washroom ideas, the ceiling can be made from plastic, false ceiling, or concrete.

Although wood seems to work better as it has many forms and designs that it comes with. The wooden ceiling provides more options for lighting features as well.

Question to ask before designing commercial washrooms

To pass any commercial washroom ideas into reality, there will be a few questions that the contractor has to ask.

This is vital because, for commercial washrooms, the using frequency is greater when compared to one at home.

Also, the traffic in the washroom is greater and if there’s no dedicated cleaner on duty, the washroom can get real dirty real fast. These are few questions that need to be asked beforehand.

Steps to get cost-effective interiors designers in Singapore

How many people use the washroom?

In any office, implementing the design for commercial washroom ideas first needs to understand that how many people use the washroom in first hand?

Several people using the washroom means the design should have the ability to manage all those people without hampering down their mobility.

Looking for durability fixtures?

Fixture choice is something that comes naturally with commercial washroom ideas. The fixtures for the commercial washroom must be pretty durable as it used frequently and in greater numbers.

Want to use commercial spaces to your advantage through washroom ideas in Singapore?

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