In Singapore, what people need to renovate firstly are their bathroom and kitchen. It might be for the reason to resell the property or to have a feeling of change in their home. That’s why we have compiled a list of some amazing decorated bathroom ideas for HDB which promotes minimalist design.

The word minimalist includes only the necessary elements but conveys a good design feature, which fulfills the restructuring requirement, as well as the cost, remains under budget.

Wooden floor

Most people might say that decorated bathroom ideas for floor starts with tiles work as it’s a better material to withstand water.

But we would like to differ a bit, by saying that because of technological advancement, the wood floor is also included in our decorated bathroom ideas list.

The thing about the wood floor is it’s close to nature and while walking over it, you won’t feel a high upward pressure which you usually feel from tiles.

Besides with waterproofing coating over wood floor usually comes from polyurethane, it can withstand the water leakage effectively.

Concrete planter

A small bathroom in HDB requires little effects of beauty, which is something different in contrast and helps people get positive energy from it. There’s no better feeling of Zen than from mother nature in the form of greenery.

Plants can be used over the bathroom as decorated bathroom ideas because it helps to improve the design element from highly urbanized and make it balance towards natural element as well.

Plants can be placed near bathtub with concrete structure so that people could enjoy a hot bath while the plant proving to be an oxygen supply source to further assist them in getting positive energy.

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Go with Cube shapes

When you have fixtures and vanities made out of cube shape, it will be of much use, especially for HBD decorated bathroom ideas.

When the bathroom size is limited, the use of geometry comes naturally. The cube shapes can be used towards the basin, the cabinet as well as the toilet.

It’s all pretty straightforward for most people because when visiting a bathroom vanity shop, we can get ready-made vanities that come in a cube structure.

Futuristic design

There might be some household in HDB who prefers classic design and then there are some people prefers decorated bathroom ideas which are towards futuristic design.

When imagining futuristic, everything looks bright, on the other hand, classic is more darkish and made of wooden feel.

When a bathroom incorporates marble in white color with vanity made of white color while countertop made in pitch black color, you’ll get the feeling of futuristic elements from your bathroom.

Swingarm lamp

Every bathroom needs lighting, but when the area is limited, the light should be made in such a way that it amplifies the decorated bathroom ideas style.

One of the options to use is through a swing arm lamp which comes near the mirror area, while people get light along with a sleek design for their HDB bathroom in Singapore.

When you apply blinders over the bathroom window, the light coming out during the daytime is also that can be used for your benefits.

Try different color schemes

A bathroom can use various colors altogether without disrupting its structure, decoration formation, or its vanities.

Under our HDB decorated bathroom ideas list, role of color plays a vital because we can tell that the HDB bathroom with its low space will hardly have any additional things inside.

The color can come through the ceiling, floor, walls, or even the vanity so that contrast scheme for color palette works in combination with each other.

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Different shaped basin

Basic holds most point when looking for a redefined decorated bathroom ideas for your HDB. This is possible when the basin comes in different shapes.

Your bathroom look and feel can change by changing your basic shape dramatically. The basin can either be wall-mounted or place through the ground.

Whatever the case, there are a lot of decorated bathroom ideas pertaining basin which can be used to your advantage.

Are you interested to apply excellent decorated bathroom ideas in Singapore?

As an expert in renovation works in Singapore, Adex Renovation believes that client should transform their decorative elements of the bathroom now and then, using steps which are quick to perform and lower on cost.

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