7 trendy bathroom simple designs using bathtub in Singapore

A bathtub is a prime focus in making your bathroom simple yet elegant through various interior designs. For the same method, we have compiled top rate trends for bathroom simple designs which use the bathtub in Singapore.

One of the most important things to consider regarding bathtubs is that these bathrooms are a little higher in the size and not something of a small one.

It’s a clear indication that the bathroom requires more focus because of the space as well as to compliment it with other materials out in your bathroom.

Marble based

When you created your bathroom engraved with marble, that’s referred to as marble-based bathroom simple designs using the bathtub.

The thing about marble is that several options in marble can be used as per the aspiration of customers.

From making your bathroom look luxurious to a plain-looking one, marble is a great choice that works on almost any type of bathroom simple designs.

Fireside bathtub

When a bathtub has a fireside near the vicinity, it incorporates closeness as well as a more traditional look as bathroom simple designs.

Most people would agree that fireside is something more common in living lounge or guest rooms, but seeing near bathtub is usually a rare case.

But when the concept of the bathtub as a place to self relaxing is understood, having a fireside is not a bad practice but works as a complement factor in most cases.

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Viewing waterfall

Let’s go one step ahead in living like royalty if you possess a bathroom that has a bathtub installed within.

When we talk about the shower, people don’t have time to enjoy the view element during bathing, but when we take the same element with the bathtub, viewing seems to come as naturally as they are.

A waterfall-like situation can be created by installing an actual waterfall within the bathroom. This is usually practiced by high-end households yet comes in bathroom simple designs.

Paris powder

Plaster of Paris or Paris powder is something that can be created into an unlimited number of forms and shapes based on the requirement of the customer.

Talking about various bathroom simple designs, the Paris powder can be used to make display elements, false ceiling as well as unique fixtures within the bathtub.

The main role for Plaster for Paris is to compliment the total bathroom structure for the better and make your imagination into practice.

Stone and travertine

Stone might take you back into old times but when it’s made by travertine material which is a type of limestone, the design feature becomes very attractive.

A bathroom with a bathtub should be showy rather than dull, which is possible by minerals and not paint or wall paints.

For the same reason, using travertine and stone features into more corresponding yet bathroom simple designs where a bathtub is attached.

Bold design

The design feature more straightforward yet unheard of designs, it presents a bold design.

For bathroom simple designs, bold design is rather more straightforward than you can think. It uses the power of color and flooring along with unusual artwork from bathroom fixtures.

Having said that, there’s a clear understanding about using color with bathroom usually in a concrete wall, and lights to complement with overall design element for bathroom in the long run.

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Bright and open

Whenever light colors are used whether it’s through tiles, stone, marble, or paintwork, they can come under the category of bright and open.

For various bathroom simple designs, it’s important to understand the bathroom as a structure works well for people who prefer relaxing and calmness through the color element.

This is a straightforward element that accompanies unique imagination as well as minimalist bathroom simple designs.

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The bathroom design should be carried out by professional renovation contractors because they can guide you better as well as explore unlimited ways to make your concept come into life.

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