Companies that are regarded as renovate a home solution provider is required especially if you have made your mind for thorough renovation works.

In Singapore, the renovating a home job must be awarded to only specialized companies since they can provide quality and ensures that our investment is well worked upon.

Below are some of the top 8 companies to contact to renovate a home job in Singapore so that our readers don’t have to find them one by one.

Adex Renovation

Adex Renovation as the name suggests is a professional residential and office renovation expert. As for as renovate a home is considered, they are equipped with means and methods to provide this service to customers in Singapore.

Adex Renovation has the ability to provide services to renovate a home, that includes interior design and decoration, landed property renovation in Singapore, as well as ordinary contractor, works.

If you are looking for a comprehensive company to renovate a home, Adex Renovation is a good bet as they have over 2 decades worth of experience in this domain.

Larry Contractors

The real work for renovate a home is subjected to expertise from the contractor’s end. Whether it’s providing an interior design model or working on actual contracting work, you need a solid contractor for the job.

Larry contractor is a specialized company in Singapore that provides renovate home services. Whether it’s HDB, landed or reinstatement works, Larry contractor is a Go-to place for your general contracting works.

With several years worth of experience in the construction domain, they usually look after room designs whether to remodel it from scratch or perform repair works.

Reno Guys

Reno Guys have made a mark in Singapore by providing contracting solutions especially in the domain of renovate a home works.

Whether you are looking for applying hardwood flooring, custom wardrobes, or cabinets, Reno guys will provide you an excellent service by far.

Some of the additional renovations that you can expect from Reno Guys are interior design, reconfiguration works as well as custom carpentry for your home.

Reno Guys have some products that they promote through their marketing channels, which regards from the woodwork department, usually for storage display.

Chuan Fong Renovation Contractors PTE LTD

In a job of renovate a home works, you might need to put extra emphasis on piping, electrical, or carpentry. There are different expert in the construction industry which usually looks after different domains in better terms. One such dedicated company is Chuan Fong Renovation Contractors Pte Ltd.

They are more tuned towards providing customary service. Whether it’s in electrical works, piping works, reinstatement work or your average run-of-the-mill renovate a home, Chuan Fong has every skillset on the books needed for a job well done.

From high-power electrical paneling to electrical piping all over your home, Chuan Fong seems to make things work just like you wanted.

Anson Construction

Anson Construction is considered as interior design, contractor and project management firm that look after service such as renovate a home in Singapore.

They’re more inclined towards HDB, HBO, and landed renovation contracting works in Singapore which includes entire processes to design, decorate and reinvent the special home that you wanted.

ZL Construction

In order to renovate a home, we simply have to look after the safety element as per the requirement or sometimes even more than that.

ZL Construction, like other construction on our list, provides contracting services to renovate a home. But to make them separate among others, they focus on offering solution that improves the safety element such as elder care, children safety and such during their contracting works.

Unimax Creative

Unimax Creative understands that in order to renovate a home, we must first provide a complete plan of action to the client.

This means offering cost evaluation, 3D model, material selection, work schedule, submission permits to authorities, contracting work, and handing over. All of this and more help the client to further commit to the overall project for renovate a home.

Eight Design

In Singapore, people are interested in specialized contractor services especially for renovate a home. Eight Design as the name suggests providing interior design solution along with a lot of other dedicate services which is required during the renovation work.

Some of the services provided by Eight Design include condo interior design, architecture works, HDB flat renovation, electrical service, carpentry works, and intelligent system installation.

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