Everyone would like to go through renovation works because it helps make your home presentable and fresh. For the same reason, we have compiled a list of top wall design idea that comes under your budget.

Through a cost-effective solution, you can try contacting a contractor for the implementation of these interior design and enjoy renovation to the best of your abilities.

Artistic wall shelf

Wall has more uses than simply for artwork. We can attach shelves over the wall and use them as a container for our things.

But that doesn’t mean skipping the artistic element and reduce the aesthetic appeal for your wall.

To achieve the best of both worlds, the artistic wall shelf seems to be the right option that ensures to have a solid design over the wall which is both trendy and helps us to place things to improve the design element even better.

Sophisticated TV walls

There’s high importance given by interior designers to TV walls for your home. There’s no other wall in your home which people look up to other than a TV wall.

There is plenty of great wall design ideaswhich improve the standard of your TV wall. In this article, we would like to mention picking something more sophisticated.

The sophistication lies in several elements, such as selection of color, type, and intensity of light and material to choose from are something to start with.

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Cost-effective makeover

Your living room must have a wall that looks different than the other. Usually out of 4 walls in a room, it’s effective to decorate a single wall which is the center of concentration.

A cost-effective solution to go for interior design is through using inexpensive panel applications along with lights.

Either this or the use of wallpaper in a section of the wall is also a good interior design to go with. The main reason is to use avail improved wall design without investing a lot of money in the work.

DIY art

Let’s take a step back and unleash your inner artist because your home is your kingdom and it’s a good place to work with your creations.

When implementing a cost-effective wall interior design, there’s no better concept than working with Do-It-Yourself art.

DIY works in several ways. All you have to do is get on with your concept, bring color, paint, and necessary material from the hardware shop and start on the work.

Using light or placing a different contrast of wall for your canvas area is also a good practice to ensure that your wall interior design through DIY art is appealing for people who view it.

Use of mirrors

Experimenting with wall interior design is always encouraged for people who want to change their style now and then.

One way of experimentation is through the use of mirrors. Irrespective of their size or quality, the mirror adds a special touch to the already different walls for your home.

By coloring the wall differently from the rest wall over your room, it might look dull without any extra decorative items. To fix this option, using mirrors attach to the wall is a good option.

Bar on the wall

People love to use display items with no intrinsic value as their wall design. But there are still some effective wall design idea through which people could take them as useful. One of such ideas is a bar on the wall.

Considering about bar on the wall, the wall carries glass along with holders to equipped various brands for the fine showcase.

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Go green

In this time and age, every home should use greenery despite its size or placement. Placing plants next to the wall or holding it over the wall through attaching holders is also a good wall interior design.

Use of curtains

Some people just use curtains to hide the wall and show even more prominent displays with the help of some high shades.

A curtain can be placed on any wall, especially if it’s a living room. Light also paves the way towards the effectiveness of interior design.

Want to try out a trendy wall design idea for your home in Singapore?

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