Understandably, people are opting to try out the best design ideas for their home, for the same reason we have included the top 9 bathrooms ideas for your next redesign work in Singapore.

Our bathrooms ideas are extracted from the trendy 2021 list so that your design not just gets amazing but also improves the property value for your home, which is 80% reason why people undergo renovation works in the first place.

Pebble tiles

A bathroom is a place where you find a lot of water. When water is mixed with pebble design, you can sense nature getting more validated than ever before.

Replacing your usual tiles with pebble patches or complete stone works will transform the bathroom into a more natural-looking place.

Through our bathrooms ideas, pebble work is something that can be used more than just flooring work. You can utilize stone inside your wall, fixtures, and even ceiling.


The traditional design shows that whether times have changed the standard of living, but you still keep your tradition at heart.

Those bathrooms ideas which present traditional design is an affirmation about people enjoying simplicity while at the same time educate youngster about importance of hundred years worth of identity through traditional bathroom design.

In bathroom design, traditional can come in the form of regional color application, texture, wall design, or even lighting which adds more traditional and modern at the same time.

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Simple and clean

A clean bathroom positively promotes personality. With various bathrooms ideas, you can promote cleanliness especially color palette selection.

Minimalist design for the small bathroom such as HDB or HBO homes presents a good opportunity for a simple and clean design to opt for.

When there’s fewer objects or obstruction inside your bathroom, you will find less time to clean up your bathroom, which is more towards functionality rather than aesthetics.

Focus on functionality

If you have a room with bathroom fixtures attach, that will be labeled as a bathroom without a doubt.

Although with featured bathrooms ideas, many people just think of color, material, and attributes in the aesthetics department while leading the functionality aside.

This is something we need to work on because if a design complements its functionality, it will offer more acceptability amount homeowners than a design can do for a longer period.


Like your average room, wallpaper can also be used as bathrooms ideas. Since there are many types of wallpapers, which can protect from water spillage or other water-based damages.

Vinyl wallpaper that comes in various designs is the right choice for this form of bathrooms ideas.

Some of the effective artwork for wallpaper for bathrooms is light-colored floral design, which promotes positive energy towards the homeowners.

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Use of bamboo trellis

Trellis is a good wall decor piece to add life to your room. As for bathroom ideas, bamboo is a naturally waterproof material that reflects natural beauty to the viewer.

One can really appreciate the design made from bamboo attach to the bathroom as one of the traditional touches, especially for Singaporean background.

Waterfall style

If you have plenty of space for your bathroom, applying a waterfall-style shower attached over the wall presents a good feature in today’s bathroom idea landscape.

Landed property will love having additional fixtures to boost the overall design elements as one of the valid bathroom ideas in modern interior design works.

Honeycomb tiles

Tiles come out of necessity and design perspective for bathroom, but shaping it into a different form is a good practice to improve its aesthetic value.

One such design is honeycomb which adds nice touch into the mix since bathroom tiles work to protect the floor from water leakage and seepage for your home.

Max out self-storage

Self-storage is something many bathrooms have but not as a ready-made carpentry works. This is a point of focus in our bathrooms ideas list since storage in a bathroom presents an opportunity as a design element as well as functionality.

Want to apply the latest bathrooms ideas for your next renovation in Singapore

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