With the advancement of technology, it’s pretty high time to download an amazing home designer app that helps you in designing your home.

Whether it’s selecting the furniture, choosing which paint is more suitable or other more advanced decor elements for it mostly you need to hire the services of an interior designer.

We have looked into the top 9 home designer apps which must be used to ensure that your interior designing needs are properly taken care of.


As the name suggests, this home designer app is regarding furniture selection. It is an ordinary eCommerce app that aims to promote products for sellers who can sell their furniture through this app.

Chairish handles all the delivery, promotion, and inventory management through their app. The seller simply has to upload their furniture and wait to get approved by the Chairish admin.

On the other hand, buyers can tap on buying quality furniture from small to big brands like Herman Miller, Christian Liaigre, B&B Italia, and many more.


Similar to Chairist, Decaso helps the buyer to buy furniture and other interior decor things through this app in a similar way.

eCommerce aims to provide the overall home decor, Decaso makes things easier yet faster for people that want to try different things in order to make their home more livable.

Whether it’s going for a large brand or small, Decaso has tons of things you can check out.


People have to lead their chair in order to find invaluable which are usually come to auction houses. Well no more, after the intro of Invaluable as a home designer app to your advantage.

It’s an online auction app through which people sell and auction their valuable out into the market.

All you have to do is install this app and browse a large collection of things that might suit your needs especially if you are looking to buy your interior decor pieces.


If you need to make your furniture, rooms, bed, or even wall colorful but avoid all the hassle of going into the showrooms to see through the imaginative eye with the product, Hutch might be the answer to your query.

Through this revolutionary AR app, you can simply put it in focus with your room, furniture, or anything and simply swipe which color is suited over it.

This technology will help you to choose the color, aesthetics, and furniture fabric that goes well to your home and give effective results without a lot of footwork.


Organizing color through your atmosphere is highly effective if you need to decorate your home to heaps and bounds.

Color911 presents you with a unique opportunity to select a color palette from build-in templates or make your own custom-made from your own aspirations.

Having this home designer app at your side will help you choose types of colors that go well with your personality, which could easily be applied to your home. Having the right label is of great help in this regard.

Color Capture

The room color should always be applied in such a way that match or at least complement each other.

Through the Color Capture home designer app, you can select a picture and enable artificial intelligence to provide you result of different colors that match most with it.

Color Capture is a great utility app that goes well with many things, including interior decoration and home decor.

Morpholio Board Pro

Morpholio Board Pro helps in creating a storyboard that includes pictures, ideas, notes, and documents all merge into a single app.

This mood board greatly assists you in being an owner or project manager working to enhance the interior decor of a home.


Let’s talk a bit about some architectural app which is more suited to renovator expert and understanding the units of your home to calculate the cost.

MagicPlan enables you to snap a picture from your phone and then turn it into a floor plan with a great level of accuracy. Thanks to this home designer app, help people to come up with their entire home floor plan, with meters calculated automatically.


This handy app greatly assists people looking to find the measurement of their sofa, table, or even entire room.

It saves the measure to help them to show to an expert in order to choose any material that goes with it or simply find the rates if they are hiring them for interior decor work.

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