Did you know, around 75% of the cost for your bathroom is invested in vanities and related fixtures? Having said that, we need to learn some amazing ideas of bathrooms vanities which help you to achieve a bathroom to your liking.

Below we have listed some of the current trends as best ideas of bathrooms vanities for small spaces, which is mostly present in Singapore’s HDB and condo.

Custom made

Bathroom vanity is known as a combination of sink and basin as well as storage around it. This is the area in the bathroom that either makes or breaks your entire interior decoration of the bathroom.

As our first ideas of bathrooms vanities for small spaces, we would like to shed some light on the custom-made vanity.

The vanity which is made as per the measurement of your bathroom will have 2 benefits. One will be as per the required length and size, while the other which is of more value is custom made has more options. The drawback for custom made is that it’s time-consuming and expensive


The name floating might get people to little confused, as the first thing that comes into your mind is a bathroom vanity hovering above the ground.

As for ideas of bathrooms for small space, the floating vanity means the sink which is wall mounted instead of the usual stand-up sink.

This also includes the cabinet as a basin all within the wall mount. When the area is small, it’s important to use the wall to your advance, plus you can also place more things at the bottom of the sink. It’s can also be referred to as the best ergonomic design for a small spaced bathroom.

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Open towel shelf

In a bathroom, the item which usually needs storage space in number is a towel shelf. Usually, there’s one to two space available for a small spaced bathroom for the towel shelf.

With these ideas of bathrooms vanity, open towel shelf is similar to floating vanity with extra space to store towel.

With a floating bathroom vanity with an extra towel shelf, you can utilize the space for other things such as your beauty products.

Furniture with repurposing

If a ideas for bathrooms vanity works with your old furniture, not only it does the trick as having an extra cabinet for your things, but you can save the cost as well.

The furniture which is not being used at your home, if it looks something like a cabinet, can be used again with few modifications from using assistance from a carpenter.

Although important things to understand that the color of old furniture might not get in tandem with your bathroom’s hence refinishing the furniture might also be needed.

Furniture like a custom vanity

Custom vanity is something we have already discussed earlier, but we find it reiterate with custom furniture.

The custom furniture can be used as your small ideas for bathroom vanity without any trouble.

Since the custom furniture cannot have any substitute because of the unlimited options that a homeowner can select.

Surrounded Lights 

As the name suggests, when your bathroom vanity is surrounded by lights, it is pretty much labeled as ideas for bathrooms vanity with surrounded lights.

The role of light for the bathroom is self-explanatory. Where there’s a sink, the light should naturally be there.

Light can be placed near the cabinet as well as a mirror surrounding the overall wall. For small bathrooms, the light makes it more pleasant for people.

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Slim sink

As we are explaining various ideas for bathroom vanity with small size, the slim sink takes the least place within any other vanity.

A slim sink is a one-piece item, which is placed effectively next to walls so that you can have plenty of space to use your bathroom at your convenience

Looking for top-rated ideas of bathrooms with vanity in Singapore? 

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