The word rusty is used widely in interior design where natural elements are used such as wood and mineral rocks. It can alos be applied for design bath too.

We have compiled some of the examples for rustic design bath in Singapore which people can find quite appealing to adopt over their vicinity.

The thing about rustic design bath is that your imagination is the real effect to drive the placement of material application and the bathroom should offer different ways to make it more resonating for people.

Rustic bathroom mirrors

There’s hardly any bathroom left without mirrors, but mirrors are usually situated with a frame of specific material.

Talking about a frame for a mirror, no one can beat the finesse of wood material for a mirror case. The entire furniture where the mirror resides should be made of wood.

When talking about the quality of wood, there’s a lot of material in the market. The dark color wood offers a luxurious look while light color presents more serene looks which make people relaxed inside their bathroom.

Wooden ladder prop

Inside your bathroom, there should be some props present, which adds to the overall refinement of your abode.

One such material is a wooden ladder prop, which is of small size and can be placed at the side of your bathroom design bath.

The true rustic design bath feels with a wooden ladder improves overall ability to offer a bit of natural sight along with advanced fixtures that add the stylish element of your bathroom.

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Wood and white combination

As the wood comes in mostly wood color, that includes brown shades, the bathroom adds a variety of combination which adds appeal towards the homeowner.

The brown wood color comes cohesively with white color, which can be regarded as tiles or marble applied into the bathroom.

Another way to have the wood and white combination into effect is to apply sections of wood around the bathroom to place things, but with completely white walls and floors to add even more appeal towards the user.

Rustic, metal, and blue decor

Talking about the combination, other elements add even more taste over the complete appeal for your design bath.

The rustic flavor with the help of wood and stone can also get more flavor with metal and blue color attached over the wall of your design bath.

The bathroom has almost countless elements which overall add the ability of refinement along with luxurious elements for people who enjoy experimenting with interior design.

Modern rustic design

Many interior designers could refer that rustic design offers an old-school approach of interior decoration which is made from wood and stone like it was done in the previous century.

But with engineered wood along with a better shape of stones, the design bath displays a modern touch to your abode.

Along with the bathroom fixture, the bathroom also adds vanities which are further complemented with the wood and stone, to say the least.

Wooden shelf works

Every bathroom has a shelf, which is used to store things used for the bathroom, which is usually built with wooden material.

When talking about rustic design baths, no one can come closer with the options to apply wooden shelves than anything else.

Even people who are not attuned to experimenting could also apply with wooden shelf for their bathroom because it adds a unique appeal towards the homeowners.

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Shower curtain

The shower curtain is used for those design bath which usually has a shower place. The curtain is held with either metal or aluminum rod.

But the rod needs to be situated over the wooden place, that’s where a rustic design bath comes into effect.

With people looking for a bit of uniqueness over their curtain work for design bath, adopting a rustic style is a good choice by a long shot.

Looking to find more details about rustic design bath in Singapore

Rustic design is the addition of wood and stones, but most people don’t think for them for their design bath.

It can only be executed by a professional contractor in Singapore, such as Adex Renovation, who understands the need to apply the best service into practice for their customers.

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