A bathroom design should be accompanied with great focus and care during renovation works because the transformation of the bathroom yields dual benefits, better home aesthetics, and increase property cost. For the same reason, we have listed some best tops for small bathroom design with shower in Singapore.

The main featured tops that we will try to provide are for all-over bathroom design ideas, as it helps amplify the main foundation of the bathroom.


When a bathroom is surrounded by glass walls, it’s referred to as glass-enclosed. Talking about bathroom design ideas, glass enclosure works quite well.

One reason for this is that small bathroom have less space to showcase and even make people take some pride in their home.

Through the glass material enclosing the bathroom, it makes the bathroom appear a bit large which is always a welcoming element to have.


There’s some mystery behind lights used inside a bathroom design ideas. Light can appear in numerous ways, whether it’s within the shower or appear enclosed in the false ceiling of your bathroom.

Being a small bathroom space, few lights could be used to make it appear bright, but with lightly used in small bathroom design with shower, it also intensifies the element of cleanliness to its pinnacle.

The main thing about lights used in the bathroom is that it’s not used merely as a show but the light is indeed required when looking at mirrors.

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Round Shower

It’s the job of an interior designer to utilize space for a home as much as possible which doesn’t decrease the element of usability but also improves the aesthetics at the same time.

The use of a round shower works like a cylinder room which is occupied by the enclosed glass and a showerhead situated at the center.

The best thing about a round shower as a small bathroom design with shower is that it can be used within your toilet place or any place you needed, such as near the swimming pool area.


The bathroom should have a feature of nature to add calmness and serenity. Plants are usually used to achieve nature-inspired small bathroom design with shower.

But with the addition of some creative thinking and using extra space to your advantage, there can be several ways for a small bathroom design with shower where nature can take its place.

Some of the helpful tips for natural element used in the bathroom is the use of pebble stones, aquarium within the bathroom or inside and out bathroom with garden view.


No list can be completed without using a luxury-inspired bathroom design ideas. Various ways help your bathroom looks more classy and cool.

The addition of bathroom fixtures, flooring, lighting, and fancy tops helps make the bathroom showcase the luxurious element into its mix.

When the bathroom has a bathtub within, there are more options for making it look like a luxury sitting for people, including steaming and sauna within the bathroom place.

Soft lamp glows

Let’s examine how light can play its role in small bathroom design with shower, which doesn’t only include the main lights.

Light can add or enhances the moods of people, such as their color and intensity. The same concept can be applied to the small bathroom by using soft lamp glows.

There is the use of shapes, chandlers, ceiling lights, sconces, and lamps to use in the bathroom to play with your unlimited amount of imagination.

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Swingarm lighting

Talking about lighting, there’s a unique shape for light lamps which are wall-mounted but has a more slanted figure to get more light in a focused manner, known as swing arm lightening.

Keeping the rapid advancements in small bathroom design with shower, the use of swing arm lightening proves to be quite helpful as it offers variety in design and shapes.

The overall design showcase a hint of traditional and classic mixture yet never to be seen before design for lighting.

Want to hire a professional contractor for a small bathroom design with shower?

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