Different types of investment can put on their design for the toilet. The purpose of this investment is various, but in our article, we would like to explore a bit more about the design for toilet that helps to increase your home property.

As most people would have imagined that it’s quite a large sum of money to get engaged in investing to design for toilet to increase the property cost, while it’s not the case by the long shot. Here’s why it’s the case.


Your toilet might look bad after being used for several years. The first thing you should do is invest in the design for toilet that aims to make the toilet look more cleaner.

There’s a wide belief that to see how clean a person is, check their toilet. The design for toilet should complement its cleanliness.

Some tips to ensure that a clean toilet is possible, make sure to renovate with fresh paint and fix any outstanding plumbing work. If any new person visits your toilet, they feel it like new but in actual case, there nothing new about it.

With the minimum amount of just cleaning your toilet, you can increase the property cost for the better.

Steps to get cost-effective interiors designers in Singapore


One of the easiest things everyone should engage in during investing in design for toilet is to repaint your toilet.

But there’s usually a prerequisite in painting your walls for the bathroom, to remove any source of water leakage that’s seeping out from the walls.

This might require two solutions, either to apply water-resistant chemicals over the walls or find the source of leakage, such as damaged pipe and then fix it with the plumber’s help.

Once the water trouble is secured, only then it’s safe to apply for paintwork. As paint will help your bathroom to look like new as well as clean to use it.

Replace fixtures

Another important step for making the design for toilet looks refreshing so that it helps to increase its property value and more livable, is by replacing new pieces of the fixture.

Some of the fixtures include door nobs, bathroom accessories, and other mechanical items. As everything gets faded over time, the same can be said for the fixtures.

Even if you manage to clean them using special chemicals, you can’t fix their function as over time, the function of fixtures will get weakened.


Your toilet might store a lot of things which often reduces the appeal. There doesn’t reflect the design for toilet although more with accessibility.

Things like empty shampoo containers used soap bar or even expired cream bottoms keeps laying around which makes your bathroom looks cluttered.

To solve this issue, either you can place cabinets in which your things could be stored or you can simply make your bathroom look less cluttered by only using minimum stuff. Here the options are endless as it helps make the bathroom look cleaner and accessible.

Change flooring

A toilet’s flooring covered up 50% area while the other 50% are walls and fixtures. It’s pertinent to update the design for toilet regarding the floor if you are looking to increase the property cost of your home.

In most cases, people use tiles for flooring or simply replace a new design for the floor. Although hardwood is also a good option to enhance the overall beautification of your bathroom.

It’s up to your liking which types of flooring are best suited for your needs because no matter which choice, it helps improve the condition of your bathroom and makes it look more beautiful.

Benefits to avail services of a luxury interior design company

Update bathroom design

Talking about a holistic approach to improve the design for toilet, you need to start with its renovation first.

Renovation works are always more cost-effective and help make your bathroom looks new. But if you need to transform the design for toilet, it’s important to update the fixtures and other aesthetics of your bathroom at the same time.

Looking to find the best company that handles design for toilet in Singapore?

It’s vital to invest in the design for toilet which makes your property worth more on the selling market than before. If that’s not the case, an updated design for toilet is still beneficial for people living in the home.

If you are looking to find more details about the transformation of interior design for toilet in Singapore, simply contact Adex Renovation and we’ll make sure to provide you the best consultation that money could buy.

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