When you are interested to hire an interior designer for your home, you need to contact companies and ask them about interior design quote as per your requirement.

But where to start is considered as one of the most important questions which need to be understood beforehand.

In this article, we have explained in detail what to do when asking for interior design quote from reputable companies.

Scope of designing work

There might be various work that needs to be done in your home, whether it’s redefining your room or completely overhauling it, this all comes under the jurisdiction of interior designing.

The customer should start consulting with a professional interior designer and explain to them their requirements.

One way to do that is to schedule a visit at your location so that experts can view the area, and underline important points which will ultimately assist you in understanding interior design quote.

How do designers calculate the cost of interior design work?

There are methods adopted by various interior designers in helping them to calculate the total cost of your work as an interior design quote.

We have listed the most popular ones that will give you a basic understanding of how to proceed with the costing so that both your interior designer and the customer come on the same page.

Per sqft

One of the most popular methods used for interior design quote and costing is per square feet.

Once you ask an interior designer about the work for your room, they have a calculated amount in square feet.

The next they do is calculate the total area of your room which yields the total cost of your project.

This method is widely known for other contractor work as well, such as builders and contractors working on large-scale projects.

Percentage of the overall cost

In this cost method, the interior designer first calculates all the costs included in the work that including services and material costs.

Once they got into the total value, they make a percentage of the overall cost to around 6% to 15% as their overall designer fees.

The calculation method that has been explained above usually includes material, although the percentage of overall cost includes services done by labor and other technical, in the end, the designer firm will charge a percentage of the overall cost.

Markup on products

There is some interior design quote whose costing relies on the premium over the purchases done by the client.

Meaning if you are buying furniture for your home, you will have to pay an extra amount as a markup which goes as designer fees.

This adds up to a lot of amounts based on the project and how much materials are needed. The markup value also changes as compared to the valuation of the project.


This is an amount that completely depends on interior designer discretion. This is an amount that must be agreed upon by both parties beforehand.

They can charge the amount as a percentage, based on market trend or any other reference which ultimately assist the designer to charge for the project.

A lump sum amount is common when the work cannot be easily calculated through conventional means and people has to simply get agreed upon a value.

Other charges

Talking about cost included in interior design quote and what customer will view when they approach the professionals, here are another cost that is usually included in the total cost.

Site visit

When you have contacted a professional interior designer, they will have to visit the site to provide you with expert consultation.

Although some consultation interior design agencies charge on-site visits and add in the total cost. Mostly those company which has a brand name more publicly known will charge extra for a site visit.


During the designing work, there might be iteration required by the client for the work. With every iteration, you will be charged extra.

Homes that need to become a perfect company will need to keep iterating until they come to a point where design is accepted.

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