Finding the right contractor for landed renovation in Singapore is something people had to be varied off. Not just it requires a lot of time but there’s also a possibility of issues throughout the process.

The only party that needs to be careful is the homeowner who is looking to hire a contractor for landed renovation in Singapore.

For the same reason, we have created a guide that assists homeowners to hire professional companies for interior design and decoration most effectively.

Plan out your budget 

When you are looking to revamp your landed property by hiring a professional contractor that will look after the landed renovation, it’s important to plan out your budget.

To have the necessary funds for the work might need some time and it’s understandable. Depending on your budget, only then you can plan out the nature of landed renovation in Singapore.

There are different options available for you when going with landed renovation work, but that all ultimately depends on your budget at the end of the day.

List what to be done and what not

After you have the necessary funds under control, the next step that comes to hire a contractor for your interior design and decoration is to make a list of what you need to be done, and those that could be left.

Of course, anyone who is looking for a renovation needs each and everything done a revamping, but that’s the ideal case.

In practical terms, you need to have a list of things that you want your contractor to work on through landed renovation in Singapore, such as ceiling, paint job, flooring, repairing, etc.

Ask for reference 

The first step in finding the right contractor for your interior design and decoration starts with referring your friends and family.

The best reference is always people who you can trust. Not just that but seeing the work of your friends and family also works as a security on the contractor’s skills.

Referral to the contractor is not always possible, and if that’s the case, we will point out a checklist that you can refer to in our guide for hiring a professional company for interior design and decoration.

How much does landed property renovation cost in Singapore?

Seek complete clarification from the contactor

The contractor will provide you all the technical features involved in the overhauling of your landed property by availing of the services of landed renovation in Singapore.

Begin with the first steps and onto the handing you the key to your home, don’t leave anything left when getting clarification about the services.

Because most of the elements will be difficult to comprehend in terms of technicality, ask for media assistance, such as portfolio, images, and other documents to remain on the same page with your contractor. This should be done at the beginning of the hiring stage.

Have everything in written

After agreeing on the details outlined by contractors including all the tasks handled with technical understanding, it’s better to write down every part one by one.

It will work as a reference about the tasks handled by the contractor, and the homeowners looking to avail the services landed renovation in Singapore doesn’t get off-track of the complete work for their home.

Create payment schedule

Because everything bogs down of your allocated budget, the important feature that the homeowner needs to do is ask the contractor to create a payment schedule as per your agreed terms.

Based on this document, you will keep the update of the work to your satisfaction while the control will strife to perform the work as per the requirement.

Provide 100% advance payment is not recommended as many difficulties have been observed in terms of the security of your job done completely.

Type of Landed interior design to choose from in Singapore

Check for potential hidden costs

There is some hidden cost often observe that adds up at the end of the landed renovation in Singapore. Minor difference is always found, but the main issue arises when t here’s a substantial increase in the amount.

Some of the hidden cost exists in painting job, electric works and purchasing hardware. To reduce these costs, the homeowner can hire a contractor in labor rates and do purchases for themselves.

If that’s not what you want, you can ask the contractor to provide all the bills and receipts of purchases done during the landed renovation in Singapore.

Want to ask for more details from a professional company for landed renovation in Singapore?

Let’s face it, we need assistance from the contractor whenever when need to avail landed renovation in Singapore.

If that’s the case, simply contact Adex Renovation, which provides professional landed, luxury, and premium renovation in Singapore.

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