One of the most important concerns for people who are interested in hiring the best home designers is the cost.

We have listed down some of the standard costing mechanism which helps understand customers about the product cost, especially when looking for comprehensive home designers which come with own team, equipment, workforce and a lot of other things in between.

Cost per interior design projects

Before breaking down the cost for the best home designers in Singapore, let’s delve a bit into the types of projects that most people avail for the Singapore renovation and interior designing market.

Depending on the construction type, complexity involved, quality of products and material, and reputation of the home designer are the main elements that affect the total cost.

Other than that, we have listed some of the project types in Singapore which can assist our readers in understanding a cost margin and what to expect when hiring the best home designers.

New construction

Turning towards two different situations for your requirement that needs to hire best home designers is either designing work for new construction or used for resale.

When we observe the average cost for new construction, we can distinguish between home size.

In normal cases, there are 3, 4 and 5 room HDB which can listed to $34,000, $42,000 and $44,000 respectively.

This is the most lower scale of costing since new construction has space available to work when compared to hold home as renovation takes more construction cost, that includes replacement labor charges as well.

Types of interior wall designs in Singapore

Resale renovation

With the same room size, the finding the cost for best home designers is higher when compared to new construction interior decoration.

The main reason for this increase in cost is due to the fact that resale renovation needs double work, first to dismemberment labor cost, and to make the construction stronger in terms of repair works, and secondly use the interior decor elements.

The initial cost to hire the best home designers for resale renovation is also defined by the number of rooms and how big is the home. For HDB, the cost of 3, 4 and 5 room HDB are $42,000, $46,000 and $62,000 respectively.


Condos are small-sized apartments that require a tremendous amount of renovation and decoration works from time to time.

It is something that is common for each household, although the actual cost for hiring the best home designers regarding renovation works or new decor is roughly the same.

Calculated as per the total size of the condo, under 100 square meters rounds up to $40,000, and over 190 square meters goes around $105,000

Landed property

Landed property in Singapore is regarded as bungalows either terraced or nonterraced. When talking about the cost to hire the best home designers for landed property, the starting price is around $234,000.

All of this cost is considered as average and might be subjected to differences over material cost, labor charges, or other factors involved.

As far as landed property is under consideration, the work for renovation could end up for months if not weeks, that’s why the budget is quite overwhelming.

How to find best interior designer quote in Singapore?

Cost breakdown

When a client is looking to proceed with the best home designers in Singapore, the cost should be properly defined as per which work requires how much money and so on.

Based on our experience in working with a construction project, the cost of renovation works depends on the following factor.

Individual or Company

The client has complete power as to how they need to proceed with their interior decoration works. Either they can hire an individual as a consultant and provide him with consultation fees, or simply hire a professional company that can handle everything like a contractor.

Number of employees

When hired a company to pick the best home designers, the number of employees holds a lot of weight in deciding how much cost will the client be charged with.

With a company with 100 employees, it clearly means that the company has a great reputation and their services come with premium cost.

Interested to hire the best home designers in Singapore for your renovation works?

There are quite many elements that define the cost of hiring the best home designers. If you are interested to learn more about professional’s help for your renovation or contractor works, simply contact Adex Renovation, which makes sure to provide best-rated service in the market.

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