Landed Renovation in Singapore is somewhat a daunting topic to discuss, and many people always find it a fruitless endeavor to get the best out of the buck deal for landed renovation works. Adex Renovation understands this more than anyone else and wants our customers to get into speed about understanding the most important question whenever landed renovation comes into the “What is the landed property renovation cost in Singapore”?

Unlike the question that has been asked out in the open, the question is not as simple, but we are going to breakdown into steps where our readers can have a good understanding of how the cost is being evaluated on the contractor’s mind who makes up the cost initially. For some of our readers that are not completely sure what is a landed property, it’s a multi-stored property that is far spacious than an HDB or a condo. Usually, the property that comes under the umbrella of landed properties consists of Bungalow, Semi-Terraced, Terraced and Detached homes. These homes are most expensive if you are dealing in property in Singapore, let alone the frequency of renovation for these large homes are also quicker than smaller ones due to environmental effects.

Cost Break down

Finding the landed property renovation cost in Singapore and looking for a starting point? Well, you came to the right place for it. Adex Renovation is a Singapore based Landed renovation contractor service provider who understands what it feels like for our customers and people looking to enter into the landed renovation market without any research. So for starters, the cost for landed renovation in Singapore is higher, somewhere between $5000 to $250,000, and this is not where it ends. The cost will also add up as per your requirement and imagination. But it’s still a good figure based on research and the market for landed renovation in Singapore.

Since we have understood somewhat of a landed property renovation cost in Singapore lies in between, but it’s nothing concrete based on the systematic approach that most of the landed homeowners are interested in on to which part takes the most budget for the renovation. For the same reason, we have breakdown the costing in various parts where our readers can fully realize the scope of the renovation works based on the different areas and how the cost is being evaluated on a particular practice. For our article, we have divided a complete landed renovation in Singapore into 4 areas; namely; Painting, Flooring, Carpentry, and Electrical Wirings. Let’s find out in detail is of how the costing is calculated for all of these parts.


Painting cost for landed property is somewhat unique with the cost for HDB and condo renovation works. Based on the same assumption, the painting works are generally being executed for both interior and exterior, unlike the condo, exterior painting is not required since the only interior is valid for small and private homes. Landed properties such as multi stories bungalows, terraced and detached homes, the paint requires more labor cost and subsequently more paint required, which makes the starting cost to rose around $3000 to $5000. If the customer is interested in complete refurbishing the paint job, the scalp folding cost will add up to the total landed property renovation cost in Singapore to being done only for paint works and no other construction-based work, that leads to a cost range of $5000-$8000, for 2 stories landed property in Singapore.


Flooring the single most expensive Landed renovation works in Singapore which is also one of the basics of renovating any home in the first place. Whether you are looking to completely redesign your home, or simply restructure home landed property, flooring is the place you need to begin with. Now for the costing, well, that depends on the material used for flooring. So, to explain in the simplest form, let’s assume there are 4 versions of flooring materials where a client can purchase; namely; Marble, Parquet, Vinyl, and Laminates. Marble is being the expensive one which can lead to $15 per square foot (PSF), while laminated is the cheapest that leads to around $4 PSF.


Carpentry work is the life bringer in landed renovation in Singapore, whether you need to do basic works that include fixing your kitchen cupboards, and cabinets or need to rework on your wooden false ceiling or design your completely new wardrobe, carpentry works deals on a per-foot basis. Let’s suppose for a small household or HDB, the per foot cost for a kitchen cabinet will make a dent into your wallet for about $400-$600. As for a 5 room landed home, the per room cost will increase and carpentry will surely make a bill around $10,000-$15,000.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring renovation works for landed properties in Singapore are usually left unattended due to concealment. But believe it or not, the dangers of internal sparks and short circuity can never go away if you are not careful with your electric wiring renovation works/ the basic indication for your wiring going bad is unused witches, molded switches, lights getting bad, fan going out of order and such. For a general costing of the technician to properly test and replace your wiring will take around $5000 easy. The important thing to remember is that most landed properties have multi-stories rooms, and which means around 6-8 air conditioning units are required with their proper electric wiring. That takes an added cost of around $10,000 to $15,000.

Final thoughts

Landed renovation in Singapore is an important activity that must be processed sooner rather than later. What are the benefits of having your landed property well renovated is a separate topic, but to give you a little encouragement after discussing all the cost related shenanigans? All of his costs will be considered as Return on Investment (ROI) if done with the same principle in the mind.

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