It’s quite important to follow the trends if someone is looking to make their property look appealing. One of such trends that are quite popular these days is through feature wall design.

We want to let our readers known about what is detailed wall art and how its cost is calculated in Singapore in our detailed guide.

What is a feature wall?

A feature wall is one way that shows detailed texture and color and looks different than other walls. This is used to improve the room’s appeal and helps it stand out among the rest.

Most of the rooms have at least one detailed wall art which is adopted in different ways. Either color a wall with different paint or applying artwork all over the wall helps it stands out and make it a feature wall automatically.

Although it sounds a bit simple in words, it’s an additional cost to create a feature wall design for your room. We have laid out few options in our guide to help explain major detailed wall art available in the market.

Check painting options

As we have mentioned above, the feature wall design is distinguished separately from other walls in a single room. It must be unique in terms of color, contrast, and texture. The most basic way to do it is through painting it.

The paint works are quite the basic ones. An ordinary person with basic imagination can perform the feature wall design through painting options without any worry.

Although to make it more prominent and appealing for people, we can use a dedicated color palette of our choice along with some shades and gradients.

The cost for the painting option is very much affordable since a single can would be needed for the basic version.

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Find wallpaper costs

Coming to a more trending option for feature wall design in Singapore is using wallpaper application.

The wallpaper is available in the market with different textures and colors. It’s a cost-effective paper which is stick over a single wall.

Most of the houses adopt this option as a detailed wall art because it’s affordable. At the same time, there are a lot more options available for wallpaper.

The labor charges are also minimum since all we need is a person who can properly attach wallpaper as the detailed wall art.

Glass wall cost

As technology is advancing over time, so is the detailed wall art options. One of such technological breakthroughs is the use of glass over the wall.

The glass wall as feature wall design is more than a mirror, it’s a glass design with graphics that looks more prominent.

Comparing it with wallpaper glass has shine and reflection, hence it can be used along with lightening feature to provide awe factor. The cost of a glass wall is usually calculated by the square meter and dependent on the complexity of the design.

Cost for tin panel

Talking about the shining of walls, there’s another detailed wall art that is gaining tremendous popularity inside the room interior design domain, known as a tin panel.

Although it looks like a design that shines, because it’s made from tin, the cost is subsequently decreased because of it.

Also, the tin is more durable and scratch-resistant, which makes it live longer without investing more in feature wall design each year. The cost for tin panels is calculated per panel.

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Things that add up cost

After taking about different feature wall design, it’s important to mention elements which add up the cost of the wall.

Size of wall

The size of the wall will be directly proposal to its feature wall design cost. The bigger the wall size the more the cost, there’s nothing to it for on contrary.  

Material quality

Material quality is something that adds up cost in anything, that’s why the market has a different quality to support budget limitations. The same adds up with the cost for detailed wall art in Singapore.

Level of details

A designer will help you in this department, as some designs are easier to make while others are not so much. The added cost will be required to make a design more detailed for the detailed wall art.

Want to hire a professional interior decorator for feature wall design in Singapore?

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