How much home decorator cost in Singapore?

One of the first questions asked by the customer before hiring a home decorator in Singapore is about the rates for their services.

There are various factors including the base cost whenever looking to decor their home and completely transform it.

For the same reason, we have listed down the base cost of a home decorator and which factors add extra cost especially for working on interior designing in Singapore.

Average cost

The thing about the cost of hiring a home decorator in Singapore is that they are usually handled between ranges.

Based on current statistics in 2021, 3-room renovation is SDG 25k to 45k. When the number of rooms increases so does the cost with a multiple of SDG 10k, which leads to SDG 33k to 58k.

HDB homes cost less when compared to resale renovation, which could lead to SDG 50k to 80k for 5 rooms.

Condominium renovation costs the most out of all homes types in Singapore, which is around SDG 40k to 120k.

Factors for cost fluctuations

Most of these prices are regarded as a base cost for hiring home decoration in Singapore. Usually, the final cost increases based on requirement changes.

We have listed down some of these factors which adds up the total cost for your overall interior designing work.

Through these factors, people can better understand availing such factors will both add while minus makes it reduce of cost for the good.

What are some challenges people face in designing interiors?

Company or self-employed

There are two categories when hiring a home decorator in Singapore, either you hire a single person regarded as self-employed or a dedicated company.

The thing about hiring a single man army usually works as a consultancy, which offers limited services, or usually works as a contractor.

On the other hand, a company has employed people working as full-time employees so that they can ensure that the client is completely satisfied.

Although this adds more cost to your overall project because company rates are higher when compared to a self-employed person.

Number of employees

When talking about companies for hiring home decorators, there are also various companies available in Singapore. These companies are compared concerning how much employees are working within it.

The number of employees means a company is paying way lot of money on the monthly turnover when a company which employees less than 10 people.

The customer gets more services from a big company with added cost. On the other hand, the smaller company provides services but with lower cost as well as lower areas to be covered, especially if you are looking for a holistic approach for your decoration work.

Overhead cost

In business, the overhead cost is regarded as the ongoing expenses of operating a business. These cannot be regarded during the planning stage and it might amount more than usual.

There are various factors through which overhead costs increase. It may be a change of location, an increase of inflation, price of material, or even some unfortunate event that could come during working.

Either way, the cost will sore for overall home decorator cost when hiring a professional interior designing work.

What things are included in design home interior

Number of rooms to decorate

As we have explained in the overall base cost for the cost of a home decorator, the number of rooms increases the overall cost.

This is a proportional relationship, and when rooms increase so does the cost. Not only room but sometimes there’s a requirement set by the client to work on corridors, hence that will increase the overall cost as well.

Many professional interior designers charge clients by per square feet rates, so even increasing the wall will add much cost as well.

Quality of material

Materials are used during home decorator. There are different qualities of material available in the market, and it’s up to the client to choose which quality they are looking for.

High quality means more added cost for your interior design. In most cases, people opt for better quality if they are looking for long life, and poor quality when saving cost is the main concern for them.

Want to hire a cost-effective home decorator in Singapore?

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