There’s no denying that technology is another name of convenience. We can find a great level of help thanks to technology. One way to witness its benefit in renovation works is through using the app for house design.

Being a renovation expert, we would like to discuss in detail how to decorate your home using the app for house design and reap the benefits that technology has in store for us.

Explore real 3D model

With the help of advancements in the 3D design model, users can see what the home looks like using a 3D modeling tool.

These tools’ main purpose is to provide a complete design made from 2D architectural sketches which help visualize how your home will look from the user’s perspective.

Thanks to modern technology, Virtual Reality has boosted the 3D model in such a way that users can roam in the first-person mode and feel in a true sense about their home way before it exists in the physical world.

Apps for 3D modeling: SketchUp

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Select Floor material

When someone is looking to design a complete home from scratch, what the architecture will provide them is the floor plan.

The floor plan design is the first step which includes a complete structural design on top view including dimensions of rooms and inclusion of door, window, ducts, etc.

Through using the app for house design, we can understand the floor and choose materials that go on as per different rooms. It simply helps us to fast track on constructing our very home all with the help of technology.

Apps for Floor Plan: FloorPlanner

Try out different furniture

Let’s go one step ahead of floor planning by placing furniture over our rooms. The selection of furniture is time-consuming but it fast tunes the entire process by using few taps on the app for house design.

Furniture placement is quite an advanced app since it incorporates a color palette, material, size, and controls for placements.

There are some advanced apps to help you out in furniture selection using Augmented Reality which is a connection between physical and virtual work, all to help you imagine your design in better terms.

App for furniture model placement: Smart Draw

Check virtual world before physical

Virtual technology is all about imagination assistance. There were 2D models way before but with the use of 4D technology, things get not just easy but exciting at the same time.

By using the app for home design, we can have our very own house model accessed through an app. Inside the model, we can view the inch-perfect detail of our home which includes furniture, material, floorplan, and a lot more.

App for virtual model experience: Planner 5D

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Plan ahead of purchase

Whether we like it or not, we have to invest a huge chunk of money on renovation or building costs.

That might be reduced if we buy in terms of brands available in the market. If you are interested in selecting furniture concerning their brand, you can get that through technology as well.

App for brand type selection of furniture: Home By Me

Check the different color palette

No one likes a dull room which is seen through the floorplan. What people are interested in is trying out different decors along with a color palette.

As furniture and color come like hand and glove, using an app for home design, it makes simple for people to use color palette selection over any furniture, floor, wall, carpet, etc.

The color could be more than simply one-way color. It could incorporate texture, contract, gradient, or custom design.

An app that use color palette: Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Interested to obtain professional help after using the app for house design in Singapore?

There are a lot of apps for home designing to choose from, although no matter how advance the technology is, you have to rely on professional contractors to apply those changes or at least for expert opinion.

If you are looking for such professional after using the app for home design in Singapore, simply contact Adex Renovation which offers construction solution for residential, commercial and industrial including interior design and decoration works.

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