Have you ever wonder how people find the right contractor if you need to do coloured wall work? This article will explain in detail how to find the right resource regarding coloured wall work in Singapore.

In our article, we go through some of the important elements to consider when looking for any contractor so that our work regarding coloured wall get beyond our expectation and promptly.

Follow your intuition

Searching for a contractor starts with your guts. Either you can ask your close aid and go from there, or simply visit Google by searching the keyword “contractor for the coloured wall in Singapore”.

The contractor usually could get connected to you in no time but the danger that remains in place is whether it’s the right contractor or not.

To make sure that our personnel will handle the work without any trouble, keep reading this article as more elements are discussed below.


In Singapore, every builder or contractor should be registered by Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

The reason for getting a license is to help the customer get the impression that the builder will follow safety procedures during working.

When regards as coloured wall work for your home, there a lot of tools to be used along with construction material that must be handled effectively. All of this is covered under the builder licensing and helps the client to get relief from a safety point of view.

Specialization in coloured wall

A contractor is as good as the work it has done before. That’s makes it a specialized person for a particular element.

The work for the coloured wall in Singapore comes under interior design but depending on various nature, the construction work is also included.

If a person has years of experience, this can be confirmed through either visiting the past work or seeing their portfolio through the website.

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Contract agreement

When you have found a contractor well equipped with expertise along with proper documentation, it’s time to settle things under proper contraction.

As a client, what it does is outsource a third party or contractor to handle the work of the coloured wall, so things should be in agreement.

Things include a schedule of cost, design, proposal, and other organizational agreements that should be signed and kept in the record so that both parties are on the same page.

See the team working your home

The client needs to participate during the construction work especially for the project of the coloured wall in Singapore.

They can do this by observing the work and different teams working on the site. There might be some sub-contractor working on color, plasterwork, or other work that your main contractor’s team doesn’t.

As a client, you should also ask for a list of people or sub-contractor working on the project to keep under control about who is working on your project. It helps the client to learn more about work and a say during working about their design element.

Provide guidelines to the contractor

A contractor usually asks for a client’s design guidelines in the form of either a picture that they want to replicate or instruct them through their imagination.

Either way, it’s important that the client takes hold of the design element or keep a close check on the contractor’s work for the coloured wall so that the design is acceptable.

Because the last thing we need is a coloured wall which is not as per the aspiration of client and their imagination.

Know you responsibilities

Because the work for the coloured wall is something done inside a home, there’s some responsibility of the client as well.

The most basic ones are to ensure that all furniture is properly covered and some working area is being provided to the contractor within your home so that they can work without any trouble.

Also providing water and electricity to workers for mixing chemicals, paint and such is something done through client’s end.

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Check their samples

This should be mentioned on the above points but before hiring a contractor for a coloured wall, it’s important to see few samples of their work.

In coloured wall, the sample could be the type of wall, design, color, or material for that matter. The client can imagine more effective after they have seen a sample from the contractor.

Looking for a professional coloured wall contractor in Singapore?

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