There are some steps taken in order to find top-notch home designers in Singapore. But what are these steps in the first place?

We have listed some of these easy-to-follow steps which help our readers in identifying best from mediocre home designers because a good interior designer is what you need to truly transform your home for the better.

Find a home designer that approaches you

The first rule in finding the best interior designer at the start is to check all those first who proceed you to sell their services.

These might be some random or not-so-good ones but they surely give you a better sense in the early stage about how to deal with interior designers for your work.

Most of the designers will hand you a business card through which you can schedule a meeting or learn more about their services for later stages without much work from your end.

Ask about referrals recommendation

There could be a possibility that some of your close friends or relative might have renovated or decorated their home. Their reference about the interior designer is also worthy of option.

The great thing about reference is that contractor that is hired by reference will provide you some sort of discount only because he gets a return business.

Also, a referrals service can be vouch for the better by seeing how is the work being done by the person only by viewing work from your reference.

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Check to license

If you have found home designers on your own either through searching the internet or online business sites, you need to first check all the valid licensing to understand whether they are truly professional interior designers.

For Singapore, the contractor or builder must have a builder license from Building and Construction Authority (BCA). There should be among two types of categories for licensing including General builder license, and Specialist builder license.

The main thing about having a license is to get satisfied before hiring an expert to understand that work will indeed proceed as expected and the contractor has all the proper documentation required to handle high valued work.

Ask about the firm’s specialty

There are different types of firms that offer their work to their customers. Talking about home designers, there is interior designing, general contractor, and specialized contractor work.

There are also some specialized services provided by the company such as expertise in working for landed renovation property in Singapore or commercial office interior.

The best thing about learning about specialization for any interior company is that such a company has more experience in working for their particular interest and it also paves excellent work from it.

Inquire about cost

Once you are completely satisfied with the company’s licensing requirement and ability to perform the task as you want, it’s time to ask the most important question regarding interior decoration, the project cost.

The client expects a quotation about the work which includes cost and timeline to better understand the cost in the first place.

It’s effective to gather quotes from more than one interior design company to have a better understanding of the current valuation of your project work.

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Chalk out timeline

There might be some great picks for home designers during your research. If that’s the case, the next step you should proceed with is to ask for a timeline about all the deliverables during your project.

Whether you are looking for a complete renovation of your home or just a single room, it’s better to have a schedule of work as well as a schedule of payment along with it.

Both of these features will help clients to better manage their budget as well as see the quality of the work, which automatically adds interest to the overall work.

Effective communication medium

A client needs to be in the loop with every step, whether it’s the current update about the work, or if a contractor wants to advise on any part of the work, the communication should remain in continuous motion.

One of the best ways for communication is direct call. If the client is busy can reach on time with the contractor, using Instant Messaging app such as Whatsapp can also work.

Looking for a professional home designer in Singapore?

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