Whenever commercial interior design in Singapore comes into mind, we think about what the latest trends are in the market, because the last thing anyone wants is to invest in commercial interior design with outdated trends design.

For the same reason we have unscored a list of current trends in office interior design which will help our readers about different interior designs in the market and how does it appeal to different people’s tastes.

Velvet furniture 

Talking about commercial interior design in Singapore trends, the complete scenario includes a lot of things, from paint to props. The first thing we would like to convey about the latest trends in our list is the addition of velvet furniture.

The fabric made comes in velvet, which has a shine to it. Velvet is soft in touch and provides a unique shine. The additional element is furniture is composed of a solid color palette, that promotes radiance over its composition.

One way to complete the current trends of velvet furniture as commercial interior design in Singapore is that most restaurants and hotels are already using this trend in their latest interior works.

Floral wallpapers

The imagination of experts in interior and decorations has expanded even further with the addition of different types of wallpapers available in the market.

There are many wallpaper people are using over their offices and commercial spots, but speaking from the perspective of trends, floral wallpapers if of great importance.

The floral wallpaper adds a unique improvement to your commercial interior design, especially near the office area. Additionally, the wallpaper prints of patterns and the solid color are also something offices can avail of for their new interior design.

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Maximalism art

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalist, which is one of the latest trends applied by people for commercial interior design in Singapore.

For Maximalism design, the best way to do it is to have creative artwork with bold and unusual color palette resonance all over the walls and floors.

The color of the furniture can also add more definition to complement maximalism art for offices and general commercial interior design in Singapore.  

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a design that promotes nature. The natural beauty come comes inside the interior of your office in the form of green leaf artwork, walls made of stone, and other eco-friendly conditions.

Because people are getting a bit fed up with seeing metal and plastic all over the place, coming a bit closer towards nature is a good and healthy means to adopt, especially for commercial interior design in Singapore.

Most of the design is accompanied by art and paintwork over the walls and roof. Wallpaper can be a great asset for adopting biophilic design.

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Neutral palette

Neutral color is a range of colors without any hint of the shade of other collectivities. They can also refer as a solid color but with an undertone.

The wall paint with a neutral palette needs to be done with immense care since overlapping with an added coat of paint coat adds additional overtone.

For offices and commercial interior design in Singapore, the neutral palette makes things professional and helps in confidence-building.

Mixed metals

Some offices want to go with luxurious looks. For them, the best office interior design is adopting mixed metals.

The mixed metal makes it evident that the antique and hammered touch is covered with lots of variations to improve the luxurious feel over the office.

Color that helps with the mixed metal palette are brass, copper, aluminum, and iron with different hues, combinations, and textures.  

Sustainable material

Sustainable material is used in our post-global climate world in more quantity than before. The main reason for their success is because all material used in sustainable material is recyclable.

For people who are more conscious of their environment and want to make use of the commercial interior design in Singapore through such vision, sustainable material seems to be just a solution. Because it helps your environment to the better.  

Want to learn more about current trends in commercial interior design in Singapore

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