Many gurus of interior designing have cumulatively made things easier for us by explaining things in a simpler manner, like the 3 important rules of home interior.

These 3 rules according to most of the specialist covers every detail which makes or breaks your interior designs.

We have listed them in our article in the bid that it will help explain in detail about basics in interior designing and that the following it might help greatly for ordinary people.


The accessory is a broad term that includes everything which doesn’t come in furniture and material used in a wall or floor.

As for the rule explained to us, the accessories should be taken under immense consideration before actually making your room more pleasant to look at.

Things like space, looks, trends, your own preference all come into account, because at the end of the day, what you are buying is for your own need inside for your home interior.

Furniture placement

Furniture needs to get purchased and there’s no second opinion on it. Once the furniture is purchased the next thing which comes naturally is where to place it?

This is one of 3 rules applied for the home interior which many experts give a lot of thinking to make the best of their ability.

There’s no perfect placement in interior designing, but make sure that it should be to an extent that it will hamper the overall movement and display. The furniture placement should be done in such a way that suits you best as well as complement your room limited space.


Colors are also considered a broad term that includes everything for a home interior that has to do with color in the first place.

Color starts off with wall paint into the wallpaper, furniture coverings, floor material, and lighting.

The color plays a vital role in making or breaking your overall home interior, hence it’s always better to keep this rule close to your priority.

Other rules provided by home interior experts

The above 3 rules include everything that you need to make your home interior among the best ones.

The only thing to do is to make yourself more versed in finding the details within their board rules in the first place.

Although various experts have expanded the existing rules so that it explains the complete picture that people go through when redesigning or even restructuring their homes.

Sofa spaces

It might sound something similar to furniture placement, but sofa space means providing extra space to your sofa.

The sofa is a big piece of furniture and if placed in a place where limited space, it ruins its existence completely. This might sound like common sense but when space is limited, placement of the sofa and ensuring there’s enough space requires more calculation than you might expect.

Select centerpiece 

Within any room, there should always be some sort of centerpiece. 90% of the time it’s the center table that goes with the sofa set.

Imagine a room with a sofa but no centerpiece, would you call the room complete in terms of interior designing? This is quite necessary to look after while finding any centerpiece which works well with your room and its surrounds will work absolutely fine.

Fake heights

The ceiling over your room will come in limited height, but through various objects, illusive wallpaper, and such, you can create something we call a fake height.

The fake height doesn’t give you an advantage in terms of adding more things vertically but makes your room enlarge on the first view. It could be quite helpful.

Layer creation

A room with four walls is called a single layer, adding artwork, different sizes of furniture, lighting for shades will add various nature of layers.

This layering is helpful when you are working in close quarters or rooms with limited space. The best thing for condos and HDB especially in the Singapore area.

Hang artwork in the correct way

The artwork and wall go like hand and glove. The wall which is empty looks quite unfulfilled. The artwork of various shapes and sizes will make your wall look like you want it, fulfilled, to begin with.

Want to learn more about how you can transform your home completely?

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