Have you ever wonder where can your interior wall designs could make a real impact on the overall aesthetic element of your rooms?

We would like to discuss this in more detail by providing various types of interior wall designs in Singapore which aim to make the room beautiful as well as according to your liking.

Wallpapers Floral

Whenever people want to improve their interior wall designs, wallpapers come into mind. But since following trends has its benefits, the wallpaper floral is something which is currently IN for the Singaporean market.

It’s not required that floral wallpaper could be of specific color or pattern, whenever floral pattern comes into consideration, it can’t be done better in any way other than using wallpaper floral.

This type of interior wall design looks better as TV wall design, TV lounge, or even the corridor in your home.


Abstract means the design which cannot be treated under reference from the existing world. The size, color, pattern, and shape are different like we usually see in art.

The abstract form of interior wall designs is quite effective for both large or small rooms both. Because it’s quite a broad term, people could avail this abstract design through painting works or using wallpaper.

There are many types of abstract art for walls from which people can choose and apply in their homes with extended benefits.

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Door and wall with the same color

Have you ever seen a wall that looks similar in terms of color to the wall? This is a type of interior wall designs that is going pretty prominently in Singapore.

This is considered as the basic design where door color, which is usually darker shades is followed by a single wall in the room.

This contrast presents more continuity in terms of design and goes for a positive impression from the homeowners.

3d wall panels

3D panels work in two ways, one is through using 3D wallpaper and another one is using geometric panels in a 3D manner.

The wallpaper solution has a lower effect when compared to actual 3D panels attached over the wall along with light shades.

This type of interior wall designs is more common in landed property since it’s expensive yet offers an exclusive touch to the design aspect of your room.

White and black combination

As long as the design exists, white and black will be working together to form various design challenges in great success.

Similarly, if you love simplicity, there’s no better type of interior wall designs than using the white and black combination.

To do that, there are various ways such as using the low intensity of white over the wall while using the dark color of the floor, or you can switch with the opposite element.

Stone design

In past times, to add design and artists’ touch to the walls, stones were used. These days we have easier ways to apply tone-based interior wall designs.

The stone can be done through pattern, wallpapers, using plaster effect, or if you have the resource for it, using stones for real.

The stones look great in large walls such as corridors, office rooms, outdoor walls, etc because great beauty in walls lies in the area covered through design aspect.

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Wooden design

If you use wood as interior wall designs, we could make several things to enhance the overall attribute of our wall designs.

Most of the common ways to apply wooden interior wall designs is using a panel. The wood panel is applied over a plaster wall along with concealing lights to give out a warm feeling over its presence.

Use of paintings and art

The arts hanging over the wall produce a luxury element for the wall. It can also be regarded as interior wall designs since art or painting comes with frames of different sizes and shapes which helps make the wall more decorative.

Since using design and aesthetics is all about personal choice, there are people how love to apply paintings and art over their study room for a change.

Want to try different interior wall designs for your home in Singapore?

In Singapore, many people are applying various types of interior wall designs in their residential and commercial properties.

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