Sofa decor ideas for living room are essential for the overall beautification of your home in Singapore.

For the same reason, we have listed down some of the best types of decor ideas for living room in Singapore through which you can select the one which suits your needs perfectly.

Club sofa

Club sofa as the name suggests are more commonly found in an English club. Dated back around the 19th century in the British countryside, it has taken the world by storm as a distinct sofa in one’s living room.

The main element for this type of sofa decor is the cushion padding, which is towards the front and place at wide-angle.

Another effective feature for the club sofa is the hand rest at both ends for that extra comfort everyone is looking for.

Sectional sofa

In most modern homes, a sectional sofa is usually present with its complete view. This type of sofa comes with a large set, although connected.

The corner room shape best suited sectional sofa as the ergonomics is kept under consideration at the highest order.

Usually, the common shapes of the sectional sofa are U and L shapes, with over seven pieces of sofa all joining in together in tandem.

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Chesterfield sofa

Have you ever found yourself in an empty room with dim lighting and a Chesterfield sofa laying in front of you?

If not, it looks pretty awesome, although the Chesterfield sofa was introduced around the 18th century as a symbol of loyalty and sophistication.

With cushions covered in leather, people can ultimately look after the luxury element for this type of decor ideas for living room in Singapore.

Camelback sofa

Lounge rooms and particularly our living rooms must have a sofa which doesn’t take space although emits positive energy through its feature.

This 18th century based Camelback sofa was introduced by Thomas Chippendale that has a center back going over then their sides, hence making it looks like a camelback.

The term elegant seems to be the right word to explain this form of sofa for your living room.

Mid-century sofa

The old 1940 to 1970 saw the growth of modern lifestyle which demands some breakthroughs in our living standard, which includes in our furniture.

The mid-century sofa comes with an organic appearance, modern, and above all lightweight sofa. It uses minimal materials while offering prime comfort to people who are using it.

The retro feeling is the first impression for anyone who feasts their eyes over this form of decor ideas for living room.

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Tuxedo sofa

Most people might say about Tuxedo being used out of the clothing style, although when it comes to decor sofa idea for living room, Tuxedo is named after Tuxedo Park in New York.

This form of sofa is the one most commonly found in libraries, hotels, and almost every public place.

People can get comfortable, and relax while using this sofa, and for their benefit, all they need is a book to read, a Tuxedo sofa and they are golden.

Cabriole Sofa

People are having great admiration for curved sofas should consider Cabriole Sofa as their decor ideas for living room in Singapore.

Introduced in mid 18th century, the Cabriole sofa comes with a curve that goes inwards forming an S-shape when viewed at the front.

At the back, there’s no cushion just a cloth with hardwood, but it makes a good piece for people that enjoy style into their living room.


Let’s talk a bit about some decor ideas for living room without any legs. The first one that comes into our list is Knole.

It’s a stretched sofa that uses the fullest form of cushion at the seat end, back, and sides. The main purpose of this sofa is to ensure that people admire the taste of the homeowner to its maximum along with the highest form of comfort.

Want to try something new decor ideas for living room in Singapore?

There are a lot of decoration ideas that people can go with for their living room in Singapore. If you want some help with that, simply contact Adex Renovation which offers ultimate interior design and decoration works for our customers.

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