With a lot of happenings at our times, the design room interior is also taking the air of chance over each passing year.

Subsequently, in 2021, we’ll surely guess the number of changes that might prevail on our trend for design room interior, especially for small-sized homes, like HDB and condo. Let’s learn a bit more about different trends that have been going on in recent days.

Mixing textures

As the name suggests, the texture of your room must always be prominent. One way to make it work is by adding mixed texture to your design room interior.

The depth, room size as well as the formation of your room depends on which type of texture goes well in which setting.

For a general selection, apply a wall, and floor of different textures or walls with the combination of two, especially if it’s a living room or drawing-room.

Green color

2021 is seeing a color getting popular over various formats namely green. One reason for its popularity is how green helps people to add serenity into one’s life as we view it in mother nature.

Not particularly for walls or floor but green color can be added in any form of art, furniture, showpiece, or even lights.

Adding green to the best possible place is surely a trend that should be visited by people looking to apply top-rated design room interior in Singapore.


Checkered design, the good old black and white is best suited for floors, it was and has been since the interior designing came into being.

As for the design room interior in 2021, checkered is transformed into more from floor pattern and into the tile options on the wall, especially your kitchen area.

Then checkered is also a common sight as your fabric pattern choice for your furniture, like a couch, bed sheet, or even center table cloth.

Stainless steel

Just give us a good replacement of stainless steel until its discovery. It is being used in industries, from homes, and almost all walks of life.

The stainless steel in the room is more suited for the furniture section or when expected for the kitchen, there’s even a bigger picture behind it.

Many people use stainless steel for things that they need more life out of it. Make sure to have a professional design room interior expert to assist you where stainless steel can be suited best per room.


One thing is for certain, paint over your room is becoming a secondary when you are looking to make a feature wall out of your room.

The feature wall is an important part of your room especially in the eyes of design room interior experts.

Wallpapers are an excellent choice if you are looking to transform your room into a pleasant view for both yourself and your loved ones.

Investments on Art

Every room will remain incomplete until some additional props are placed over it, mostly out of necessity.

One of such props is art plain and simple. No one can define art in a single sentence although whether it’s a painting, artistic shape, or even a plank hanging over the wall, all come under the category of art.

Most of the application of art as design room interior is applied in bedroom, drawing room and guest room, which is why interior design experts are best people to assign them on best location based on the overall outlook.

Multifunctional room

With all the glitter, one shouldn’t ignore the importance of making your room feasible for movement of everyone, safe for young children as well as the elderly.

A multifunctional room is not just a necessity but also a part of the design room interior trend. Mostly that room where people can learn, work, play, and even rest all make it multifunctional and open for everyone.

Want to hire an expert for your design room interior in Singapore?

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of design room interior experts and why it’s essential for people who are looking to improve their homes through design and decor.

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