Colors are 90% of the interior designing feature which can either transform or make your home worse. Choosing the right color is considered one of the most important elements for bedroom designing.

We have listed some of the best colors and reasons that go with bedroom designing. This guide will greatly assist you in selecting nothing but the best color for your home.


The pale color is anything that is not too bright and neither too dull. It mostly presents a warm feature that helps people quickly get accustomed to the color.

Pale color can be used over the headboard wall or on the floor with either pale pallet selection for your bedroom designing.

The best thing about pale color is that it posses less distraction when someone looking to walk at night while turning on their lights.


People with bright and cheerful personalities should adopt peach color as their bedroom designing.

This color comes great when combined with a green accent or blue shades since it makes your personality well distinguishable.

This color is sweeter in nature, which is one reason why peach color is mostly used in young girls rooms.

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When you apply white color along with different shades to overlap your base light color, it could be treated as a light lilac.

The lilac color palette is an almost unlimited combination that can be mixed with white, black, blue, yellow, or any other paint type.

The room with lilac color selection presents a good bedroom designing with an exciting feature that adds more elements of personality into one’s life.


Pale color can also come in pale beige which can be referred to as beige. The Beige color is less showy than the golden color while it looks quite cleaner and warm over the bedroom walls.

Beige color is commonly used in most room walls because many people prefer to use beige instead of white as it makes bedroom designing cleaner while not too much bright at the same time.

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The Marigold is a color taken from a marigold flower which is a darker shade of yellow. The color used for bedroom designing is quite effective when applied over the walls as well as used as carpet color.

This color can also come to much appreciation when used furniture with marigold color posing magnificent elements throughout the room.

Pale blue

This is the third time we have included the color pale because it’s one of the most common colors used for bedroom designing.

The Pale blue produces an ocean-like experience as it has blue color with a deep shade of warmth in it.

The calming effect of the pale blue color is the main reason why bedroom designing makes this color one of the important palette selections.

Light grey

If you haven’t seen a room with light grey color in your life, you must be living in a cave or outer space.

The light grey color has been considered one of the classic and retro color selections used for bedroom designing.

The reason is quite simple, the light color looks clean yet pleasing to the eye, both things are vital for bedroom designing.


The cream color is special for the room. It can be used for bedrooms and other ones as well. The cream color is a darker version of white color which doesn’t looks pose a sharp intensity when viewed clearly.

This neat and clean color has been used for wall coloring selection time and time again, especially for small spaced rooms.

Minty green

The color green is hardly used for bedroom designing. But when opting for a smoother version, we might have minty green in our hands.

This color selection is one of the best colors for a bedroom you can think of. One of the main reasons is relaxation and comfort in your room, one of the important features of a bedroom used for relaxing and sleeping.

Interested to test out a color palette for your bedroom designing work in Singapore?

People who are interested to decorate their bedroom must start with the color. If you are not sure which palette to choose from, simply consult Adex Renovation, which provides comprehensive interior designing and renovation works in Singapore.

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