There’s no complete bathroom ideas design without choosing the right tiles for your bathroom. Speaking about the tiles, there are two types of most popular ones, Ceramic and Porcelain.

We find it a bit necessary to discuss more these two make of tiles and which is better by talking about traits for both of them.

Quick overview about ceramic and porcelain

In more general terms, the striking difference between ceramic and porcelain is how but water can be absorbed inside the tile.

Both tiles are made from clay, but the composition such as thickness as well as less porous makes tiles differentiate.

Ceramic is usually used as walls and floors, low-traffic places as well as commercial interior walls.

While Porcelain tiles are usually applied over floors and areas where high moisture is present. Also, the Porcelain is better for high traffic areas as well.

Talking about the cost, the ceramic is cheaper than compared to Porcelain and it requires more labor for application since its difficult to cut.

Which one is better?

To understand which one is better when compared between Ceramic and Porcelain, It’s important to understand different features from both of the materials.

Based on the requirement of the customer, the tiles could help you solve a particular problem for the better.

The process of construction is different for both tiles. Ceramic tiles are made from red, brown, and white clay. The clay is given high temperature so that moisture content gets evaporated and form a glazed pattern, which is then cut to form ceramic tiles.

As for Porcelain tiles, it’s made from very specific clay, finely grounded sand, and feldspar. The mixture is then heated up at even more temperatures than compared with the ceramic process. The final result is high-quality porcelain which is super hard to wear.

Liquid resistivity

The most important thing besides the design element to apply tiles is to secure from water resistance.

That’s why we usually see tiles implemented for bathroom ideas design. Talking about which tiles are better, Porcelain has a better water resistivity rate than compared to ceramic tile.

Around 0.5% water resistivity is present more in Porcelain than ceramic tiles, which makes it better in terms of liquid resistivity.

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Stain resistivity

Another form of protection also comes in liquid form stains, and even here porcelain wins the comparison with better stain resistivity.

Since porcelain has a hardened material structure, the liquid face a lot of trouble to take its hold and stay there, making the overall natural color of tiles distorted.

Hence if the stain is applied over a tile, cleaning it with water will remove the stain for good.


The thing about ceramic and porcelain tiles usage because of absorption rate depends on where does it’s applied in the first place.

Porcelain is usually applied on both internal and external areas, while ceramic is more suitable to apply on the internal site.

This is because porcelain has better resistivity of absorption when compared to ceramic.


No one can beat the durability of porcelain tiles by a long shot as it’s regarded as one of the best flooring options in the market.

Comparing with the ceramic tiles, it can break its composition after applying 250 pounds of strength, whereas porcelain can withstand even 6000 pounds per square inch of pressure without losing its strength.


Both ceramic and porcelain tend to withstand flames as its highly fireproof. They are made from soil and with no flammable chemicals application, making them a good flooring solution where the fire is used.

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flooring has a particular lifespan, which means it requires replacements after a few years or so.

It’s important to understand that porcelain tiles have a better lifespan when compared to ceramic, although the trick here is to ensure that application work for tiles is subjected to best practices.

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