We Offer Landed Renovation in Singapore

Adex Renovation provides the top-notch facility to re-designing, decoration and renovation your landed properties such as Terraced homes, Semi-detached homes, and detached homes. With over 18 years of experience in landed renovation in Singapore, we make sure that the new design is beyond your expectation. Adex Renovation has an impressive portfolio and track record for providing best customer satisfaction and utmost professionalism in our interior design & renovation approaches

Our team consists of experienced renovation experts including, interior designers, architects and project managers who are highly equipped with the latest technology necessary for the 21st century in renovation. We are fully aware of the current trends in landed renovation works which comprises of fashionable artworks to modernisation in construction. We at Adex renovation will make sure that you get what you want and even more.

More than the aesthetics of your home which is subjected to the interior design and decoration, Adex Renovation has a vast experience with the construction and rebuilding of your landed properties. For planning to execution, we will make sure that our customers get the best solution they opt for and at Adex Renovation, we certainly won't settle anything else than perfection.

We Aim to be the top Renovation Company for landed properties in Singapore. We aim to be the best, and never settle for less.

Our Landed Renovation Services

Our expert team provides best Landed home design and decoration services for our customers, whether you are going for Bungalows, detached, semi-detached, good-class Bungalows or terraced house. We provide complete stack of hand-crafted renovation services from simple to advance landed renovation services in Singapore.

About Us

We genuinely enjoy admiring and appreciating beautifully renovated landed homes.

When renovating landed homes, we tend to look back to see what we have achieved overtime. This is what keeps us motivated to continue providing the best service for our landed renovation clients. Customer satisfaction for landed renovation is our priority, and we will do what it takes to ensure that clients are offered the best service and products.

Adex Renovation specialies in renovation works, whether its teerraced, semi-deteched or detached homes. With over 18 years of experience in construction and renovation works, our dedicated team of interior designer, planners and product  managers are up to the task to renovate your homes that define the exemplary craftsmanship and customer service.

Unlike other landed renovation contractors, Adex Renovation highly focuses on the attention to detail whether its indoors or outdoors, with our commitment and dedication, you will rest assure that the finla product will be nothing short of a marvel. No matter how much the advanced the task is, we always put 100% effort until it’s up to your standards and beyond.

Adex Renovation focusus greatly on the quality of our work. From planning to execution, we will make sure our customers are satsfied with the quality and prospect of our work which has always helped us to work to our fullest. Happy customers are what keeps motivated and let us aimed to provide nothing short of perfection.

Being among the top brass of landed renovation companies in Singapore, Adex Renovation has seen and done it all. From kitchen renovation to balcony works, from complete home modernisation to reshaping classical touch, our team of engineers and technicians will make sure that the idea of concept of your dream are paved into living and breathing reality.